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An app to experience change and take Green Pea wherever you go.

Through knowledge, habits, consumption and a sense of Respect we can change the future of the planet. To train ourselves to do this, we have created the Green Pea App.

Create your Green Profile and improve your sustainable behaviour day-by-day. Become part of a community and discover the resulting benefits. Log in to your personal area and start your improvement process, wherever you are. Through challenges, quizzes and gamification mechanisms you can train your Green skills and earn Pea Points.

Become a Green Pea Member and access all the exclusive benefits – discounts, dedicated prices and promotions – and write your Green stories with Short Èdition.

Discover the new way of experiencing Green Pea: smart payments, event reservations and, in addition, always keep up to date with our news.

Lastly, thanks to the daily selection of news and mini stories, you can recharge your desire for change and experience all the beauty of Green choices.

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The features

Green Pea app details

The Green Pea app is developed in flutter: a new Google framework that enables high performance, a smooth of the user experience and optimisation for IOS and Android. It is made in Turin by The Lab/Synesthesia, a company that adopts corporate policies of Respect for the environment and uses energy from renewable sources.

Integrated with A-World

A-World is the innovative Italian startup chosen by the United Nations to promote Sustainable Development Goals through the ACTNOW campaign and has developed the homonymous app that rewards people for their sustainable behaviour.

The Green Pea app is created by integrating A-World’s technology. In this way, customers benefit from sustainability contents, learn to measure the improvement of their lifestyle, and are rewarded for their Green actions and purchases. Each action is rewarded with points, badges and levels, that result in discounts and access to dedicated services.

Integrated with Short Édition

Green Pea brings the Short Édition project to Italy for the first time: mini story vending machines, in Italian and English. A technological and poetic mechanism with which you can discover narratives on the thoughts of the great Greek philosophers, original texts on the Green theme edited by the Holden School, thoughts of GP Members and GP Partners.

Through the Green Pea App, all GP Members can submit their writings which become part of this shared storytelling project and are distributed to visitors. In short, through the app you can write a new page in the history of the Green world.