Move, energy & connect

The basis of a Green lifestyle

To start living Green you start with a choice: Respect for the Planet. With our Main Partners, taking the first step is easy. It then becomes beautiful – every day. Moving and consuming energy : the basis of our daily life. So, the Green change starts here: from the basis of our way of life.

Green cars, energy and phones. The bank of the future, the best way to wash your clothes and to discover the city. And, in the middle of it all – a museum.

In short, entering Green Pea might leave you amazed. Precisely because mobility, connectivity and knowledge have never been so harmonious.

Cars, energy, Green banking and connectivity;
along with a laundry, the story of the City of Turin's tourist offer and a museum

Discover our Main Partners on the ground floor of Green Pea: great companies, with an even greater Green commitment. See for yourself the basics of sustainability with Green mobility – the first dealership with a complete range of environmentally friendly cars – the Green certified energy of Iren,  Green banking with UniCredit and e-mobility with Enel X.

And then, you can discover Iride, the first sustainable laundry, the best of the City of Turin’s tourist offer, a full-scale museum, the GP Discovery Museum, and the SMAT portal dedicated to water.

GP0 - The partners

Italy's first Green laundry

Green Pea - Iride - lavanderia

A project developed by a Turin family of 5 generations of launderers.

In 2003, Iride revolutionised the sector by being the first in Italy to introduce the GreenEarth system: an innovative, non-harmful and non-toxic dry-cleaning detergent that Respects the Environment, leather and fabrics.

GreenEarth replaces the petrochemical solvents used in traditional dry cleaning with liquid silicone, which degrades naturally, safeguarding the health of groundwater and reducing toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere.

To save the Planet, firstly we need to know it

GP0 - Life Discovery Museum

Educational paths for children, even grown-up ones.

Knowledge can make the difference. We imagined a place to put this idea into practice at just a glance: the GP Discovery Museum.

We have collected and described all the most advanced technologies used to build Green Pea. a building that breathes. Geothermal, photovoltaic, rainwater recovery, recycled wood, flooring that creates energy, the engine of the future and much more. We want to tell everyone about it, especially children – the future.