Fashion, Cosmetics & Books

Dress with a new beautiful, durable and respectful awareness

We only sell high-quality products that are made to last. Fabrics made from waste materials – from tyres to fishing nets, from wine barrels to plastic bottles – and fabrics made from respectful farming and breeding practices. Wool from controlled supply chains, 100% organic cotton and all-natural dyes.

We have selected the best of sustainable fashion to make you say: we have no more excuses. It is time to dress with Respect for the Planet.

Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories made in harmony with Nature

We have always dressed in symbols. Now is the time to choose symbols that are good for the planet. The pea dot means a ‘product of Respect’ – for Nature and for you, as you are part of Nature.

Clothes, shoes and accessories for every style and occasion. For her, for him and for little ones. For everyone. Fashion speaks of Nature at Green Pea, for those who want to wear the ideas they believe in every day.

We have made every garment on sale unique with our “pea dot”. And if you cannot find it, we will make it express at the time of your purchase: sewn, embroidered or pressed onto your clothes.

The marriage of traditional Italian know-how and innovation

GP2 - Sartoria

Personalised T-shirts, water bottles and accessories: get inspired by our Green Heroes.

Our tailor store, unlike any other: the best of tradition and research into the fabrics of the future Sewn, embroidered or riveted, our logo is the symbol of a Respectful purchase.

Do you want your clothes to say even more about you? We can personalise them by embroidering your initials or whatever you prefer.

Personal and household care are the first sign of Respect

The Green space dedicated to personal and household care, with a selection of the best Italian artisan producers of sustainable cosmetics.

The enormous bookshop: those who do not read are accomplices. You must start reading to change the world

Knowledge, awareness and action: only through culture can we change our relationship with Nature.

The enormous bookshop with over 5,000 volumes dedicated to sustainability and children guides us with its thematic sections towards change.

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