GP 2 - Fashion

The marriage of traditional Italian know-how and innovation

Our tailor store, unlike any other: the best of tradition and research into the fabrics of the future. Here Marco personalises your products with Pea Dot. Sewn, embroidered or riveted, our logo is the symbol of a Respectful purchase. Do you want your clothes to say even more about you? We can personalise them by embroidering your initials or whatever you prefer.

Green Pea tailor store would not exist without Piercarlo Grimaldi. Former UNISG Rector and Rector of the Green Pea Fashion Floor, Piercarlo is an anthropologist tailor. And we think that says it all. We created “Per filo e per segno”, our Green tailor store with him: the best of traditional Italian craftsmanship, open towards the future.

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