Building and respecting the Planet

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Shaping the future, together

We believe that the Future of the Earth can be better, with the contribution of every single person.
We believe that we have to change our relationship with Earth, Air, Water and between all living creatures – humans, animals and plants.

And that we must establish a new connection with Nature, in the name of Respect and Harmony.
This is why, as Green Pea and Gruppo Building, we have decided to join forces and combine our skills to do something concrete for the good of the planet.

Together we will design buildings, in Italy and abroad, that will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Earth, air, water, consumption, supply chain, people, future: these are our 7 guiding elements.
And this is our Manifesto.

Our 7 green points



Earth, air, water, consumption, supply chain, people, future: these are our 7 guiding elements. And this is our Manifesto.



We will make our buildings breathe by dressing them and surrounding them with green.We will make the environment healthy thanks to the use of innovative natural materials capable of purifying the air.



We will minimize the waste of water, particularly white and gray water, in a circular process of recovery.



We will minimize the environmental impact: both from the point of view of resource consumption and emissions, thanks to the use of only renewable energy sources from the unlimited resources of our planet: solar, wind, geothermal.



The building we will design will be made with materials produced by companies of “Respect”, the majority “Made in Italy”, with a controlled and guaranteed supply chain.



We will improve people’s lives. We will propose sustainable solutions at sustainable prices, with long lasting durability. We will provide the highest level of safety and comfort with the lowest possible energy expenditure, without compromise.



We will monitor and measure each milestone with qualitative and quantitative parameters. We will take into account every tree saved, every potential emission not emitted, every Joule of energy not dispersed. Because sustainability is a journey, to be made together.