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Our Green points

  1. MADE IN ITALY: OA NON FASHION, born in 2019 from the brilliant vision of Francesco Viozzi and Sophia Liu, is a 100% Made in Italy footwear brand that supports Italian businesses, protects local communities and takes care of the environmental impact of all the import activities.
  2. NOT ONLY FASHION: OA NON FASHION is a hymn to diversity that enhances beauty, emotions, imagination. OA NON FASHION is in perfect harmony with the planet Earth, our primary asset from which everything is generated.
  3. GREEN MISSION: The brand’s mission is to look to the future, to what we will leave to the next generations, focusing on the next step of sustainability and on the choice of natural processes. The use of responsible and innovative resources is key to respect the world and protect it for future generation.
  4. CERTIFICATION: OA NON FASHION, with its commitment to safeguarding the planet and supporting eco-sustainable projects, has acquired several “green” certifications, including Finproject, Evolo and Go! Zero. OA NON FASHION can proudly be defined as a young company that tries its best to make the difference for a better future.
  5. LOCAL SUPPORT: OA NON FASHION is a 100% Made in Italy company that supports local businesses by sharing the same values and objectives. OA NON FASHION is ultimately a tribute to the protection of communities and territories; it is a deep and sincere care for the environmental impact of import activities.
  6. GREEN INNOVATION: The dedication in the research on innovative materials, a distinctive feature of the brand, has led to an evolution in production processes and a high recycling capacity of natural substances – the key trait of the OA NON FASHION footwear.
  7. PEOPLE FIRST: Sustainability for OA NON FASHION is also and, above all, social sustainability and this goes through the well-being of people. Sustainability in terms of commitment to safeguarding the planet is a necessary condition for OA NON FASHION, but this is not enough for a brand that wants to be defined as 100% responsible. OA NON FASHION cares about the health, safety and well-being of its employees. OA NON FASHION supports an ethical and coherent mind-set. Attention to gender equality and diversity, inclusion and transparency in all its actions are the founding values of OA NON FASHION.

What we offer in Green Pea

We produce comfortable and everyday footwear for men and women, with the commitment to always seek the best materials always following the philosophy of Eco Made, such as our OA Evolo Suede chromium-free, uses less water and produces less dioxide carbon, or OA Vegetable calfskin with dyes derived from natural sources. Our products range from sneakers and beatles models for the winter, to sandals, ballet flats and espadrilles for the summer collection.

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