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Our Green points

  1. It was 1912 when Luigi Ciocca opened his first hosiery. Four generations have passed in the Ciocca family since that year, and today, our company continues to run. From the 1950s onwards, Ciocca’s hosiery has become a leading company in Italy thanks to its production of socks.
  2. Guaranteeing a wide variety of products made of wood, cotton, and many other fabrics, our business covers all areas of its field: from large retailers to more niche and luxury markets.
  3. We buy our yarns only from Italian companies: luxury cotton and wood are chosen and combined with our meticulous skills.
  4. Our socks are exclusively Made in Italy. Indeed, our entire supply chain is internal: that’s our deepest pride and honor which gives prestige to Quinzano d’Oglio (Brescia), our hometown.
  5. In these past years, our team has planned goals to reduce its impact on the environment and society. Therefore, we decided to implement a solar panel system to produce electricity for self-consumption. With 499Kw of power, this installation helps us reduce the consumption of energy produced by non-renewable sources.
  6. “Slow down your daily life to live better”: this seems to be the most suitable slogan to describe our town, Quinzano d’Oglio, and the surrounding countryside. Like fifty years ago, our employees still get on their bicycles to reach their working place. A tradition that has been handed down in the history of the families of our partners until today.
  7. We help create a better future for millennials by producing sustainable products in harmony with the surrounding environment.

What we offer in Green Pea

From the ultra-centennial history of Ciocca Hosiery, the 1912 line has always stood out. Dedicated to those people who like to give originality and color to all moments of the day with quality, personality and elegance.
The use of organic cottons and wools chosen only from Italian suppliers characterizes our offer.
Daily we dedicate ourselves to the continuous research of new technologies and sustainable yarns; in this way we make only high-end socks that cover the needs of all families who look to the future together with us.

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