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Our Green points

  1. We are a small company, based in Turin, born with the intention of restoring to its former glory one of the most surprising plants on our planet: Moringa Oleifera. Its leaves rich in antioxidants, contain the whole range of vitamins, calcium, anti-inflammatory substances, including biophenols, and 30% of proteins.
  2. Beauty. Formulated with natural ingredients and produced in Italy, they are based on a protein peptide extracted from Moringa seeds called Pterygosperma G Extract, which has incredible anti-pollution properties. The main feature of Moringa in cosmetics is precisely that of protecting skin and hair from atmospheric pollution.
  3. Health. 100% natural dietary supplements, all based on certified organic Moringa Oleifera grown in Spain, designed to help people with their everyday little problems. They are produced exclusively in Italy with selected raw materials and vegetable origin capsules.
  4. Packaging. 70% of our cosmetics primary packaging is made of recycled plastic (RPET), by the end of the year it will be 100%. We are testing PLA (biodegradable plastic) and RPET solutions and we already have replaced secondary packaging with recyclable multilayer labels.
  5. INCI. Each cosmetic is dermatologically tested and formulated with nature respectful ingredients. On each one we indicate the percentage of natural active ingredients used, which ranges from 98% to 99.6% and often by eliminating ingredients that we find to be not very “ecofriendly”, such as EDTA, we are able to improve further while keeping their effectiveness intact.
  6. Space for young people. The employees average is 30 years old. We promote young talents, fresh and innovative ideas and smartworking days.
  7. Zero impact future. We love to think about real facts, sometimes anticipating the times. We actively work to create an energy community by taking advantage of our warehouse roof extension to provide clean solar energy to the families and businesses around the building.

What we offer in Green Pea

The whole RedMoringa Beauty line, which includes hair routine – as the new natural shampoos – body routine and skin routine it’s based on Moringa Oleifera extracts and millenary tradition medical plants: an ally to protect both skin and hair from oxidative stress caused by air pollution with visible anti-aging and anti-pollution effects.

  • Natural wellness
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for nature
  • Respect for people

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