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Our Green points

  1. A trip in a bag
    We are a North German menswear brand that provides a perfect holiday wardrobe with all essentials for a weekend trip ­– all packed up easily in a carry-all. The unspoiled nature of the island of Sylt is not only the main source of inspiration for 04651/ A trip in a bag. Those who have been to the most beautiful of all the islands in the North Sea may know that 04651/ is the telephone area code of Sylt. From day one, sustainability has been part of our DNA.
  2. Our inspiration  
    Our designs are all about casual understatement: finest fabrics, natural to the touch and quite simply luxurious, in color palettes with a Nordic feel. Referring to the pure nature in its most original existence defines every seasonal collection from 04651/ A trip in a bag.
  3. Social responsibility
    Behind every 04651/ A trip in a bag product there are people. Social responsibility to us means listening to the people we work with. From developing the product to shipping to the customer – social obligations and safe working conditions for all employees are extremely important to us. Long-standing collaborations with our producers guarantee us full control over all working conditions. Logistics and shipping are based in Hamburg. Every employee works on a fixed basis and is part of our family business.
  4. European production
    Exclusively manufactured in Portugal and Italy, we keep transport routes of our collections as short as possible – only using overland transport. All other raw materials like buttons and yarns are also sourced from European production. Our producers use sustainable energy sources and reduce their emissions of pollutants
  5. Sustainable designs
    Our designs are more than just timeless luxury products that transcend fleeting trends and step away from the fast fashion cycle of the industry – with just two collections a year, we do not produce a surplus of goods. We categorically refuse to destroy already produced articles.
  6. Eco and innovative fabrics
    Sustainable from day one, the collections are well designed right down to the very last detail, using innovative dyeing techniques, smart approaches to design – made primarily from high quality natural and innovative materials such as eco cashmere, SeaCell fibres produced from algae or mulesing-free merino wool are totally in line with our values.
  7. Climate-neutral packaging & shipping
    Our own shipping cartons are made from 30% grass fiber – a rapidly renewable raw material – and 70% recycled materials. Water-soluble inks are used for printing and integrated bonding technology does away with the need for additional adhesive tape. Other components, such as tissue paper and decals, are also made from 70- 90% recyclable materials and are printed with water-soluble inks. Our paper is FSC-certified and elemental chlorine-free bleached. We use only climate-neutral shipping methods for the dispatch of our goods.

What we offer in Green Pea

04651/ A trip in a bag provides a perfect holiday wardrobe that brings you all the essentials for a weekend trip away. The German menswear brand stands for understatement and timeless designs – all styles are exclusively manufactured in Portugal and Italy. Founded in 2016 by CEO Lars Braun, who is also running the luxury menswear retail company BRAUN Hamburg, 04651/ A trip in a bag stands for high quality and sustainable designs since then.

04651/ A trip in a bag was only distributed through selected retailers, before it has launched its own online shop in August 2021. In a very short time, the young label has emerged into an international player and is available with its nearly 100 POS in Europe, Canada and the USA – including Harry Rosen, The Optimist and BRAUN Hamburg, among others. For Green Pea the brand will have a space in the fashion area – presenting for the first time exclusively curated styles of the recent F/W 2021 collection.

  • innovative
  • sustainable
  • respectful
  • luxurious
  • timeless

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