Agostini Group


Our Green points

  1. A company with a long history. Our journey began in the Venetian hinterland where, since 1963, we have been recounting the evolution of the Italian window and door frames.We design windows in harmony with nature but with technologies that open the walls to light, and maximize energy savings, reducing consumption by80%,compared to old windows.
  2. We are proud of the originality of our Italian-made items: we express it in our windows and doors and in the living comfort that comes with it.We are founding members of Anfit, a protection of Made in Italy quality windows, of which we guarantee the Italian production chain.We think local: which for us is about moving fewer goods and people and, for the environment, making less CO2 emissions
  3. The wood used in our windows and doors comes from FSC-certified forests, and guarantees the sustainable management and protection of the wild life and people working in the woods. Each of our windows is the result of a controlled and guaranteed production chain.
  4. We only choose sustainable and recyclable at the end of the functionality cycle. Our window and door solutions are made of components which are 100% recyclable such as wood, aluminium, glass and Fibex in glass fiber. We have the LEED® certification for eco-sustainable construction.
  5. We use 100% clean energy, exclusively generated from renewable sources: part we self-produce with our own solar panels, and part is bought from TüVSüD-certified bodies.
  6. We care about the health and safety of our employees promoting corporate welfare and our customers.The finishes and components of our windows give off no toxic substances and provide thermal and acoustic insulation.
  7. We believe in continuous improvement.Our mission has always been to design and manufacture windows with constantly cutting-edge materials and solutions, capable of continuously improving the protection and insulation of our homes, ensuring ideal energy savings with products of recognized design.

What we offer in Green Pea

The Fibex inside and Minimal Frames series are designed with minute attention to Italian design and lifestyle, in a green-oriented living comfort:wood from FSC certified forests, 100% recyclable aluminium and glass, Fibex inserts that are reusable at the end of the cycle as components in other fields.Our windows and doors open out walls to light and to meet outdoor spaces without compromising on thermal and acoustic insulation, and safety


Where do you find us



Home living & design

Green goal.

When we think of our windows, we think of cancelling the boundary between inside and outside. We like to imagine a protected world where air comes in and breathes with us, where light breaks down the walls to play the leading role, where the garden and sky become the ideal extensions of our home. To do this, we have chosen materials that uphold nature and eco-sustainability: FSC wood, aluminium and glass that are infinitely recyclable.

Children goal.

Imagine you can hear the birds singing but you can’t hear the sound of a plane flying over your house.

Imagine having your garden in your living room even when it’s raining and never getting wet.

Imagine you can plant a tree in a faraway forest but you do it by buying a wooden window.Imagine constantly creating new objects while always using the same materials.

Yes, our windows are magical.

∞ goal.

Our windows and doors set out to share the future.We believe in ethically correct design and innovation. We want the windows of tomorrow to be conceived first about how they will be reused and then they about their design. The raw materials will actually be used for the second, third and fourth time as they are renewable and durable.Sustainability will be the habit for the good of the world.