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  1. Airlite was invented by Massimo Bernardoni, who created a first version of Airlite in mid 2000. Among the different experimentations, the first one in Rome, the Umberto I Tunnel under the Quirinale, is still visible and working today: the Umberto I Tunnel was one of the most polluted places in Rome. Thanks to the application of Airlite, air pollution there was reduced by more than 51%. Massimo wanted to grow this technology: with Antonio Cianci, current CEO, they set up a business in 2013. Over the years, Antonio and Massimo built an extraordinary team, which has exported Airlite from Italy all over the world.
  2. Airlite is produced in Mezzovico (CH) with an automated plant that allows to respect high quality standards, in full respect of the environment. 100% of the energy used in the production of Airlite comes from renewable sources, 40% of the raw materials used in the company comes from recycled sources. Moreover, Airlite respects the principles of circular economy and is the only paint certified Cradle to Cradle at gold level. This allows us to produce the entire production with a very low environmental impact, much lower than that of other paint manufacturers.
  3. At Airlite we cater to people, whether they are part of a large company or private customers. We believe that when people live and work in poor air quality, they live and work poorly, their professional performance is lower, their physical and emotional balance suffers. Airlite goes directly to cure this problem.
  4. Airlite is not just a painting, but a technology that purifies the air: one square meter of Airlite technology cleans pollution like one square meter of forest.

What we offer in Green Pea

We believe that breathing cleaner air can foster better relationships and that technology can improve our well-being. We have created Airlite, a revolutionary technology that applies like a normal paint: it reduces air pollutants, reduces unpleasant odours, fights the growth of mould and bacteria and prevents dirt from settling on the walls, while keeping rooms cool, reducing need of energy consumption for air conditioning and CO2 emissions.

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We have always been told that we should leave the world in better conditions than we found it.We consider something that we living beings take for granted: air. And we immediately assume that every living thing prefers to breathe clean air rather than badly polluted air. What if paint could clean the air? Studies show that every square meter painted with Airlite cleans the same amount of air as one square meter of forest.

Every day the pollution makes us sick. Everyday we breathe poisons that come from furniture (formaldehyde) from cooking food(nitrogen oxides), from humans and animals (bacteria). At school we learned that the tree, through a chemical process, converts carbon dioxide into other substances, such as oxygen. Airlite works in the same way, but it does not emit oxygen: it simply purifies the air, turning poisons into harmless elements and killing bacteria.

Intelligent architecture will be needed as a response to climate change, poor air quality and frequent and irregular weather events. The future requires a lot from every product we use in our homes: roofs that generate heat, walls that breathe to allow the airflow to travel within spaces, that turn into an air purifier and other innovations that will allow us to improve our lives.