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Our Green points

  1. Dreams can become a good change, and we are concrete dreamers!
  2. It all started in 2008 in our headquarters in Leinì (Turin).
  3. We have created organic detergents to make our homes sustainable.
  4. Then we took care of people’s well-being, creating effective cosmetics, gentle on skin and for the planet.
  5. Today we have launched the new Allegro Natura Laboratorio cosmetic line, a personalized skincare created respecting nature and with valuable active ingredients. Sustainable cosmetics, from the natural purity of the origins to the most effective and delicate formulas. Products shaped on the needs of each skin.
  6. As a sustainable and responsible company we use ingredients from organic Italian farming, we only use energy from renewable sources, and we constantly improve our ecological footprint until the total plastic abolition from our packaging.
  7. Reflecting on our social and environmental impact, we often ask ourselves how to do better. Let us begin together, now and here, to be the change we seek in the world.

What we offer in Green Pea

Sustainable cosmetics from the purity of the origins to the most effective and delicate formulations, AIAB, LAV and VEGAN certified.
Allegro Natura offers a FACE-BODY-HAIR program, exclusively on Green Pea shelves, alongside Allegro Natura Laboratory, a cosmetic laboratory for the creation of unique and personalized preparations with a high content of valuable active ingredients.

Personalized cosmetics, pure materials in harmony with the seasons, and with what flourishes, grows and matures in nature


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We are every day committed to create sustainable cosmetic products, respecting earth and people. That’s why our entire production chain is always focused on sustainability, from raw materials research to production and distribution. All our ingredients are organic and come from selected local farms, indeed our commitment is to turn precious raw materials into active ingredients for skin well-being. Our packaging is eco-friendly to dismiss the disposable usage.

A small seed becomes a magnificent tree feeding on good soil and drinking pure water … That tree gives us the air we breathe, the shade we enjoy, the flowers that attract bees to become fruits, the fruits we then taste … Those fruits full of seeds that will return to trees. Nature is an endless cycle and we respect it every day treating carefully the precious raw materials she gives us, transforming them into active ingredients for the well-being of the skin and choosing sustainable packaging for our products.

Sustainability, respect, joy and commitment. On these pillars we build our future. We want to create cosmetics that are increasingly attentive to the needs of the skin and the environment, we want to build a creative and lively work environment where taking care of the well-being of the single person coincides with the health of the planet that hosts us. We want to change the world together with simple daily gestures for an increasingly green lifestyle!