Our Green points

  1. We pass on the ambitious will of our founder, Bruno Torresan, who dreamed of natural detergents to take care for his children at house during the 1970s.
  2. We get inspired by the Dolomites and produce everything in Italy. Top to bottom.
  3. We have always collaborated with local cooperatives that offer support to disabled children, making them actively participate in the production process.
  4. We use fully biodegradable plant surfactants and recycled plastic containers. In this way we try to give back to nature for all the wonders it has given us.
  5. We care about the health and well-being of people. This is why the company has been led for 8 years by a doctor, Dr. Marcella Bondoni. Prevent is better than cure.
  6. We adhere to the economic model of the Common Good, a certification that assesses the impact of the company in society. In fact, economic out comes disconnected from real welfare end up being sterile targets.
  7. We work with Italian universities to create innovative formulas and alternative materials to plastic. We give space to the many bright young people of our country

What we offer in Green Pea

In Almacabio we produce effective eco & bio compatible detergents, which take care of you and the environment, starting from the domestic one.
They are made from raw materials of plant origin and are designed not to leave annoying residues that can harm health. For your daily laundry, washing dishes used during a dinner with friends, or for surfaces where your child plays, Almacabio is the safe choice for uncompromising natural hygiene.

  • effective
  • concetrate
  • sustainable
  • healthy
  • onest

Where do you find us



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We produce our detergent using raw materials of plant origin and that are eco & bio compatible. That means they have the lowest possible impact on the environment and for all forms of life — both for animals and for humans. We don’t limit ourselves to that. We also try to use as few substances as possible. For this reason, we limit the presence of preservatives and use very delicate scents. Our skin will thank.

The vegetable ingredients of which our detergents are composed are easily biodegradable. This means that when they re-enter the environment through the water cycle each molecule will breakdown into the basic elements of life such as water, oxygen and mineral salts. This way, the water from rivers, lakes and sea will be cleaner and it will be more fun to dive in and swim in it.

To solve the problems of our time and those we will encounter later in the future we will need solutions in step with the times. For this, it is necessary to invent new formulas and new materials alternative to plastic.
The container of the future will be made of a durable and elastic material, which can literally melt in a matter of days when necessary. To do this we are working with researchers from some of the most important Italian universities.