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Our Green points

  1. AMR–Natural Colours” is a brand founded by Anna Mello Rella and Omar Bertona. It was born from the sensory discovery of Natural colours, obtained from herbs and plants. The unique garments of the collection are based on a vast and very deep research guided by passion and knowledge of herbs, their dyeing properties and the geography of their production, to build an exciting “herb warehouse” to be wear, without season or haste. Each garment is designed to be perfect, just as nature is perfect. “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell youth at not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” (Mt 6: 28-29)
  2. The “AMR–Natural Colours” garments are made of Italian excellence. The yarns are produced with the natural certified technology of Tintoria di Quaregna, an ancient company rooted in the territory of Biella, and the only company in the world that has more than 25 years of research in the field of natural textile dyes of quality. Tintoria di Quaregna stands for a radical and strictly industrial approach to natural dyeing, using more than 200 different types of herbs from around the world without the aid of chemicals. The emotion of the colours obtained is declined from the artisan to the industrial scale with ancient textile dyeing recipes revisited in a modern and 100% ecological way, totally designed and made in Italy.
  3. The “AMR–Natural Colours” garments are made of certified natural fibers with a complete ecological cycle. The yarn spinning is obtained in an environmentally sustainable way using only oils derived from the olive tree. The dyes, unique in the world of their kind, as well as the manufacturing process of the garments, are the result of deep studies that have taken into great consideration respect for the environment and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The natural dyes, beating heart of the collection, are the result of Tintoria di Quaregna technology, which obtained important international awards such as the Woolmark “NaturalColouration Technology” brand and the Gots (Global Organic Standard) brand, as well as the Traceability & Fashion brand.
  4. Each garment of the “AMR–Natural Colours” collection is made with sustainable and ecologically compatible fibers, certified organic (GOTS), and coming from controlled farms and crops that are virtuously respectful of the territories and oceans, as well as certified recycled fibers (GRS) .
  5. The manufacturing process of “AMR–Natural Colours” garments, along the entire supply chain and in particular for the dyeing part, compared to a normal production process of traditional garments, requires less electricity, no synthetic dyes and chemical additives, less fuel and less water. The water is taken from a stream without the need for chemical filtering, being filtered with natural sands, and after dyeing it is returned to the water course perfectly purified. Herbs, after use in dyeing, are reused as biomass to create renewable energy and heat.
  6. The innovation of the production chain of “AMR–Natural Colours“, which promotes the use of natural dyes as a characterizing element of the garment, allows advantages both from the point of view of end consumers and for the welfare of the production process. Indeed, it promotes the birth of specialized supply chains that are virtuously rooted in the territory, helping to reintroduce crops and ancient knowledge gradually abandoned over the years, as an important part of the heritage of many cultures. Not to mention the damage to the environment and the risks to the health of the workers involved, caused over time by the synthetic colours derived from petroleum, here entirely eliminated. The entire production chain involves therefore a healthier air of growth and creativity, which also carries the vital energy essential for building a healthier future and a good life for all.
  7. The “AMR–Natural Colours” philosophy is:
    a decisive improvement in the textile production processes environmental impact with a consequent reduction in costs related to the rebalancing of theEarth’s ecosystem;
    the possibility of recovering degraded or neglected territorial areas with the cultivation of dyeing plants for the extraction of natural dyes;

    the development of national activities for the extraction and processing of dyeing substances;

    the possibility of reducing the risk of occorring of skin allergies resulting from the use of garments made with synthetic dyes. Infact, the manufacturing process of our garments, in addition to being entirely natural and free from chemicals, cuts down on the use of chemical dyes derived from petroleum. The dyeing herbs we use in our garments, during the cultivation process, contribute, through the natural process of chlorophyll photosynthesis, to decrease the level of CO2 in the air, making the air we breathe healthier.
    The garments of the “AMR–Natural Colours” collections are designed to be durable elements and objects over time, a symbol of values to be handed from father to son, from mother to daughter, like an inheritance, without ever wanting to part with it.

What we offer in Green Pea

“AMR–Natural Colours” offers a collection of sweaters and accessories to create a path of sensory rediscovery of Natural Colours and of the Colours of Nature. A new collection concept for an innovative product, an effective tool for perceptive stimulation capable of transferring value to the product in an all-encompassing and complete way. No longer just an object for sale, but a space for communication with the customer. Emotions and sensory challenge are the protagonists of a new experiential textile collection, designed to stimulate and seduce customers with the story of an innovative product, a new technology, a unique ability and technique, a personal story. The customer will not find himself in a place to simply buy an item of clothing, but will be able to “feel” this new product idea in an active and not passive attitude, discovering the product and its history. In a harmonious relationship between what is created by nature and what is instead the work of man. Colour is Natural, Colour is Nature. The quiet stillness of a wood, the mysterious mist of a clearing and the slight fluctuation of a reed through their colours will accompany the customer on a journey that will lead him to discover the world of natural dyes. Spaces, freedom and color of Nature, an embrace of beauty where the roots of trees deep and the grass move harmoniously in the wind for an emotion linked to the immaterial component of the product, to its ability to be different and unique, exciting in attracting attention towards innovative production techniques, our message for a more sustainable future.


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