Our Green points

  1. Our company has been in the sock business since our Grandfather Paolo go this first socks machine in the 1940s and we have inherited from him not only his passion for this profession, but also his respect for the environment and people around us.
  2. Our products have always been Made in Italy and always will be, expressing the quality and creativity that characterize Italian manufacture which has animated our factory for three generations now in Ospitaletto, in the Province of Brescia.
  3. The quality of raw materials is everything for us, especially for garments in direct contact with the skin: we choose organic yarns and support the circular economy with recycled yarns, both certified for the absence of harmful chemicals to the environment and people.
  4. We have always been craftsmen, passing on this skill from generation to generation: were main faithful to traditions while keeping up with the times thanks to ever better raw materials and techniques.
  5. We believe that industry and sustainability go hand in hand: we use technologies that improve our efficiency, which in turn helps decrease any environmental impact, such assustainable disposal systems, photovoltaic panels, latest generation LED lights and innovative power quality and energy saving systems.
  6. Our company is our family, not only because we have been carrying on this business for three generations, but also because our colleagues and collaborators are family members for us and we treat them accordingly.
  7. We contribute to creating a Slow Fashion future by offering quality sustainable socks created to last over time.


What we offer in Green Pea

We do not manufacture simple accessories, but we project and design true clothings, which are the result of our constant research for innovative patterns in trendy colors and our commitment to use sustainable materials. This is how we produce beautiful, modern, comfortable and high quality socks: we use organic cottons, wool and cashmere partly recycled, and our products are completely Made in Italy with a certified supply chain.

  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Beauty
  • Italianism

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