Curtains and fabrics

Our Green points

  1. We have been dealing with interior and exterior furnishings for 30 years. We are the fruit that has drawn experience from the roots: 4 generations of mechanical designers, “inventors” of precision mechanisms, innovators of solutions for industry and agriculture. With them 4 generations of seamstresses who pass down the needle, the thread and the knowledge of hand-made to measure, thus giving life to curtains, pergolas, wallpaper, linen, carpets.
  2. We have always carefully selected our Italian suppliers.
  3. We privilege producers committed to sustainability, with whom we have a direct relationship.
  4. We visit the factories, the people and their production: from raw materials, to the weaving and assembly process.
  5. We are attentive to the recovery of fabrics, each waste is reused in new packaging.
  6. We are a family business, where every employee is part of it.
  7. We are constantly looking for materials, for a house dressed in natural fabrics and sustainable solar coverings where aesthetics and sustainability coexist.

What we offer in Green Pea

Arca , tailor made for creative living.

We are a family, we have been handed down our technical knowledge on metal and the manufacturing of fabrics for four generations. At every passing of the baton, each of us adds creativity. We are the union between past and future, a modern company with an artisan spirit.

We select virtuous Italian suppliers, attentive to the use of sustainable raw materials, to create home furnishings and contract: curtains, fabrics, technical curtains, Wall papers, wall coverings, carpets, linen. For the outdoor furnishings and contract: pergolas, solar roofs, awning.

We love to push the limits, our furnishings are always as different as the people who live there: customized. Continuously updated on new moods, packaging techniques and products, we are available for reuse, giving new life to vintage sofas and armchairs.

We are present at every stage, from the design to the realization, working with architects and interior design offices with precision, passion and dynamism.

  • Tailor mande
  • Creativity
  • Know How

Where you will find us in Green Pea


Home living & design

  • “Being Green” means for us to design with precision so as not to waste materials. It is safeguarding harmony by bringing sensitivity and attention to the needs of those who will live in those spaces. An happy and a satisfied person inside his own house, working or leisure environment, is a proactive person, able to welcome and protect the beauty.

    “Being Green” is Family: save nature, ourselves, cherish the memories of generations and create new ones.

  • We are “Green” because we respect the environment, by choosing natural and sustainable materials to furnish your house. So when you play in your bedroom, you breath, you are happy and you grow better.

  • The rebirth: the Consumer Awareness. We will have new habits, we will be careful to enhance the products that can make the world cleaner, healthier and more harmonious.

Work with us

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Green Pea has just been born and has the aim of getting ahead: we start from Turin and we have the planet in mind. To do this, we are looking for people who share our ideas of sustainability and who want to make it practical and cozy. Together with our Partners, we work every day to meet our customers’ need, without ever losing sight of the future of all of us. In Green Pea you will find a dynamic, organized and constantly growing environment, open to experimentation.
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