Atelier Riforma

circular fashion startup

Our Green points

  1. Atelier Riforma was born from a training course on entrepreneurship dedicated to young people, in which the two founders, Elena Ferrero and Sara Secondo, met.
  2. We are an innovative social startup and our mission is to reduce the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry, through the circular economy.
  3. We have developed Re4Circular, a technology powered by Artificial Intelligence that directs each end-of-life garment towards the best form of recovery.
  4. Re4Circular helps all entities that collect used clothing to manage them in a circular way, connecting them with local professionals and companies that can give clothes new life through reuse, upcycling or recycling.
  5. Re4Circular records the characteristics and conditions of each item and allows them to be shared along the supply chain, from the collector to the recycler, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  6. In this circular model, textile waste is reduced and it is easier for fashion companies to use existing material as a resource, rather than consuming virgin raw materials.
  7. This is a highly innovative project, which uses new technologies positively, to promote sustainability and skills related to the circular economy

What we offer in Green Pea

Our service is Re4Circular, a tool for managing end-of-life clothes (discarded or leftover) in a sustainable and transparent way.
Thanks to a simple photograph of the garment, AI technology extracts and records all the information essential to recover it. Thanks to a digital platform, the garments can be directed to all those circular fashion companies and professionals (e.g. thrift stores, upcyclers, recycling companies…) who can give them a new life.

  • Circularity
  • Fashion
  • Zero waste
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

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