Producer of craft beer

Our Green points

  1. We are among the founders of the Italian craft beer movement.
  2. Our beers are full of aromas, and are not pasteurized. We look for balance in the aromas to create a continuously evolving taste.
  3. We passionately believe in the mantra: Because Beer is Earth! We are a farm brewery. Every year, the first beer made with the spring barley harvest and the summer hop harvest is sipped with all the farmers who have worked in the fields.
  4. We were the first to systematically farm hops in Italy and to make the first 100% Italian beer. In just a few years, our entire range of beers will be produced with Italian ingredients.
  5. In addition to hops, we also grow barley and other grains, because we believe in truly Italian products and in the importance of supporting the Italian agricultural sector related to craft beer brewing. We follow organic or symbiotic farming practices.
  6. Our plant is state-of-the-art in sustainability. We use modern technologies to optimize our energy consumption. We treat our wastewater with an organic process which produces clean water to irrigate the fields. We only use electricity from certified green sources and produce part of it with solar panels.
  7. We believe in hospitality: we give all the beer lovers who visit us the chance to explore our micro-world and hear about our vision and life experience

What we offer in Green Pea

Baladin Green Pea is an organic craft beer, a product of the Earth, and of hard work in the fields. 100% Italian, it’s as bright as the sun that shines on the Mediterranean Sea and as fragrant as the citrus fruit that grows on its shores. A light beer with a big personality. Drink it, and you will feel the delicate notes of the hops and grains, as well as citrusy and flowery notes. Clean and fresh like the water that generates it and comes from the Maritime Alps. It calls for long, refreshing sips that take you on a journey to Italy


Where do you find us



Taste Meet & Eat

We are green because we believe in the Earth. We farm it and take care of its fruits by turning them into beer. We respect it with a plant powered by certified, partly self-produced green energy. We reuse our waste as animal feed and treat all the wastewater with organic processes, so that it can be used again to irrigate the fields. We are green like a butterfly that rises from the Earth and dances in the gras.

We are green because there’s nothing better than playing on a blooming meadow. We’ll meet again when you’ll grow older, but we wish for you to find happiness in simple things. The happiness that an old game can give you, like rolling a hoop. Try it: we can assure that, one day, it will be one of your best childhood memories. Live your life with this spirit. This is Baladin’s wish for you.

The Earth is the most wonderful planet in the universe. We don’t believe that human evolution has stopped. We believe we will reconnect with nature, and learn that we need to respect it. Baladin is playing its part by creating an integrated supply chain, taking care of the fields it farms, reducing energy consumption, reusing its waste, using green packaging, and investing in research to give back to nature some of the riches it has always given us.