Glasses with wooden wine barrels

Our Green points

  1. Born in 2015 in the capital of Langhe, Barriqule is a project that combines craftmanship, respect for the land, and the passion for glasses. Langhetti DOC,  50% of our glasses are produced by machinery, and the other half is handcrafted.
  2. Our goal is repurposing unused barriques and giving them a new shape. We recycle the oak wood from old barriques that can’t be used anymore, and we use it to create unique temples for our glasses.
  3. We use bio-acetate for the fronts to ensure the respect for the environment, and high-protection lenses to provide an actual shield from harmful UV rays.
  4. All of our raw materials are from Italy.
  5. We produce “just in time” to limit our warehouse stocks: this business model is more sustainable from an economic and environmental point of view.
  6. The outsourced processes are granted to carefully selected craftsmen, located in neighboring areas, to encourage a locally-sourced production.
  7. Our glasses are the result of continuous research for new techniques and materials that give Barriqule the right mix of elegance and sustainability.

What we offer in Green Pea

Each Barriqule is the son of its land: the Langhe.
These glasses stand out thanks to the correct balance among concreteness, elegance, and craftsmanship, while imperfections, given by the natural conformation of the wood itself, give that sense of uniqueness to each model. The design is simple, appealing, and characterized by clean lines that make these glasses suitable for any occasion. 44 models in 25 colors: a huge collection that evolves from year to year without being twisted by trends, but inspired by the research for balance. Barriqules offer the opportunity to wear something unique, created with taste and passion, combining ancient manufacturing techniques with the most futuristic technologies. All of this is created to optimize production processes and be accessible to a large number of people. Barriqule does not want to be exclusive: it is democratic.

  • Design
  • Craftmanship
  • Sustainability
  • Uniqueness
  • Democracy

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