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Our Green points

  1. Our mission, as distributor of the Ben & Anna brand, is to respond to an ever-increasing need related to environmental care and sustainability. In this choice, we focus on the Ben & Anna brand ideals of concrete respect for the environment, the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of eco-sustainable lifestyles. This is for all of us and for our one planet!
  2. Ben & Anna is always looking for new methods to reach the highest quality level in its products and to achieve this goal, it uses only selected natural and vegan ingredients.
  3. It constantly works to select the best that nature offers to put it in products, because nature has a solution for everything.
  4. Avoid any type of plastic in product packaging and reduce packaging to the bare minimum, even if made of recycled and recyclable materials.
  5. It supports people engaged in creative projects to make our world more livable and more sustainable for all, and it does so with conviction and enthusiasm. But to reach such ambitious goals we need the help of all of you, in a constantly growing community!
  6. All products contain only ingredients of 100% natural origin, are vegan and free of microplastics, because we believe it is urgent, as well as necessary, to work for a world free of plastic!
  7. There are countless natural substances that contain effective active ingredients for a wide variety of applications and needs. Ben & Anna selected a few, tested them carefully and finally used them in the range of products, from deodorants, to tablets to ending with toothbrushes.

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