Our Green points

  1. We are a company that in 35 years of history has constituted a fully integrated process of the production of our garments. The transformation from the fabric to the finished garment is carried out in our building in Martina Franca, Puglia-Italy. The meticulous attention to the smallest details distinguishes us and makes us proudly proud to be made in Italy.
  2. We are located in a magnificent land that we have a duty to protect. We in our small way make the most of what nature gives us: sun rays to produce electricity and run the plant, rain water for the toilet flushing, aqueduct for our drinking fountains in order not to consume plastic.
  3. We are a team of passionate workers, we are aware that our brand was born thanks to teamwork and not the individual.
  4. We are attentive to the prospects of the future, we sow today to harvest tomorrow on an educational, innovative, social profile.
  5. We are a “feminine” brand: proudly the women here are overwhelmingly majority.
  6. Siamo italiani veri perché anche le materie prime scelte per le nostre collezioni provengono da fattorie del tessile, simili alla nostra italianissima realtà.
  7. We are true Italians because even the raw materials chosen for our collections come from “textile farms” like our very Italian reality.

What we offer in Green Pea

It’s all here: we are pantmakers, that’s what we know how to do and we are committed to doing it better and better.
Trousers truly made in Italy, with eco-friendly comfort cottons dyed with low environmental impact production processes that halve water consumption, wool obtained from careful processes of sus-tainable supply chain made in Biella, technical nylon fabrics mainly coming from a process of recycling of plastics.

  • Research
  • Sustainable growth
  • made in italy
  • wearability
  • production chain

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