Brunello Cucinelli


Our Green points

  1. Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian maison operating in the absolute luxury goods sector.
  2. Company business has always been conducted in the medieval hamlet of Solomeo, on the outskirts of Perugia. We believe that Brunello Cucinelli Made in Italy garments owe their fascination, for the most part, to the shared responsibility that the Company and its suppliers have with respect to customers.
  3. Beauty and elegance, resistance and fit are the fruit of the meticulous work carried out at every step along the supply chain, where the activities carried out by artisan workshops are key.
  4. Human Sustainability: this is the commitment that the Company feels fully and directly responsible for in the fundamental yet delicate stage of raw material selection, in accordance with the solemn pact of mutual trust established with farmers and suppliers alike.
  5. The Company contributes to safeguarding the Universe by engaging in mindful behaviors and favoring renewable energy. Promoting human dignity and well-being is another fundamental element aimed at ensuring the health and safety of all our people anywhere Brunello Cucinelli Group operates.
  6. We believe that, as part of our key future goals, we must stay true to the unwavering principle of custodianship, doing our best to embrace it in our everyday lives and in the Company’s day-to-day business.


What we offer in Green Pea

The Business and Philosophical model is based on the following distinctive elements:
Sustainable growth ensuring the progressive improvement of company performance as planned.
Italian creativity and craftsmanship throughout the entire manufacturing process, with the just rewards for our talented people and skillful artisans.
Exclusive contemporary style, including premium-quality manufacturing techniques and the selection of unique spaces and coveted locations.

  • Custodianship
  • Respect
  • Humanity
  • Harmony
  • Dignity

Where do you find us



Beauty Taste, read & beauty

Sustainability of growth and healthy profitability which, over the past several years have been achieved at a natural and sustainable pace, are two distinctive features of our strategic and operations business management that characterize every step along the value chain.

“I believed in precious things created without harming the Universe or at least by minimizing our footprint as much as possible. I imagined products that would be gratifying for their users and manufacturers alike, and beautiful workplaces to work in: places where workers could take pleasant and relaxing rest breaks and where the workshop dimension would reign supreme. I envisaged human relations based on humanity and truthfulness, and respectable wages that would be sufficient for living in dignity and serenity. I imagined a peaceful atmosphere in the workplace, where creativity could be unleashed. I believed in making profit, indeed, but based on ethics, dignity and morality, while trying to give life to that fascinating relationship between “profit and gift” that, in my own small way, made me feel like a custodian of the Universe Creato – Brunello Cucinelli”

La strategia aziendale nasce dalla convinzione per cui il “profitto d’azienda, da solo, non basta, un fine più alto deve essere ricercato”: l’obiettivo è la ricerca di profitto che possa contribuire al benessere e alla dignità umana, senza recare danno a niente e nessuno, costruendo una sempre maggior credibilità e trasparenza, creando e rafforzando continuamente il rapporto di fiducia tra i clienti e il brand.

The Company’s strategy stems from the belief that “corporate profit alone is not enough, and we should pursue a higher aim”: our goal is to pursue profit that can contribute to human well-being and dignity, without harming anything or anyone, while increasingly fostering reliability and transparency, and constantly building and strengthening trust-based customer relationship.

Nestled in the very heart of Italy and surrounded by nature, there is an ancient hamlet called Solomeo. Overtime, all of its inhabitants left to look for work. Its beautiful castle was left in ruins, but was rebuilt by a man who had grown up in the countryside, and believing strongly in the connection between man and nature, wished to go back. From then on, the hamlet came back to life. Today it is a space where the young learn from expert teachers, working together in harmony with nature. Based on the story “The Little Dream of Solomeo”.

“Pleasant Suburbs” is the term that intuitively and best defines our desire to contribute to the enhancement of our territory and suburbs. From the heart of the Hamlet of Solomeo a new idea was born: to design, administer, protect and safeguard the beauty of a suburb. Nature, creativity and productivity are able to come together seamlessly by following a new concept based on improving quality of life, and on the creation of harmony with the surroundings.