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Our Green points

  1. Bullfrog was born in 2013, from an idea by Romano Brida, who, determined to radically change his life, opened his first barbershop in Milan, under the sign of the bullfrog.
  2. The choice of the bullfrog as the brand’s guide animal is closely linked to an old experiment conducted on a frog towards the end of the 19th century, the results of which could be interpreted as a metaphor for life.
  3. The original experience of male grooming has combined with the most current international methods. Contaminated by the style of Anglo-Saxon and North American barbers, Bullfrog offers a hair, beard and mustache service that combines the best of different schools and trends.
  4. This is the story of a contemporary line of products which, due to their quality and format, are perfect for the needs of every professional. Bullfrog opens up to the B2B world with the aim of exporting the brand’s unique style to Italian and international barbershops. Affiliation methods are available including franchising, wholesalers and retail, to best meet the needs of every professional in the sector.
  5. The Bullfrog Grooming Lounge experience is based on a philosophy that best meets the needs of contemporary man, offering exclusive treatments based on the highest quality products.
  6. The spirit of the brand never stops renewing and renewing itself through specially designed formulas.
  7. Each Bullfrog product is the result of a series of development choices that place the reduction of environmental impact as one of the priorities, with the aim of combining high quality and ecological sustainability.

What we offer in Green Pea

We believe that true luxury is time spent for ourselves, to feel confident, present ourselves to others in the best possible way or simply escape from metropolitan stress.
We want to offer all men the pleasure of taking care of their appearance in an oasis of relaxation where they can take a break and rediscover well-being and energy. The best barbering and grooming experience that begins in the shop and continues at home thanks to the collection of treatments and accessories designed to combine cosmetic effectiveness and respect for the environment.

  • 100% naturally derived ingredients
  • Constant selection of suppliers who reduce impact on the environment
  • Continuous improvement objectives
  • Completely recyclable paper packaging
  • Energy saving and reduction of waste and residues

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