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Our Green points

  1. We are an Italian family company with a long tradition. What we do every day, since 1882, is much more than just industrial production, it is a heritage that we have protected and shared for 4 generations.
  2. Present in over 90 countries, we have become a point of reference for the real Italian espresso: the entire production process is Made in Italy and we directly follow each production step with care, creativity and passion.
  3. Thanks to the careful choice of the finest origins, which are slowly roasted following the traditional method, origin by origin, we guarantee maximum quality throughout the entire production process. Research, development and safety are the other commitments that have always distinguished us.
  4. The belief that the only path towards sustainable development is the only one that must be followed guides our actions at every stage of the supply chain. Our choices are based on a careful use of raw materials, waste control and a growing sense of responsibility in production.
  5. We were the first ones to introduce fully compostable capsules recoverable into the organic waste, and today we produce fully recyclable packs. The new packaging for coffee beans, made up of 50% R-PET “regenerated plastic”, is no longer a waste but a resource which, once recycled, becomes new raw material.
  6. To preserve and share a unique tradition like ours, the fundamental ingredient is people. We believe that everyone has a crucial role: from those who collect the beans to those who roast them, to the consumer, to whom we guarantee an increasingly conscious choice.
  7. The care, the sense of responsibility that have always characterized our company is leading us today towards this voluntary path of innovation for our coffee to become part of a sustainable change that looks to the future.

What we offer in Green Pea

In each of the 3 restaurant businesses, Caffé Vergnano will offer a tailored proposal that will guide the customer in a new experience.
100 VINI: Brewing extractions to show the importance of water in coffee; enhancement of green coffee and coffee grounds as ingredients of the food menu; use of coffee waste as fertilizer for plants.
CASA VICINA: A trolley, where the blends of “Women in coffee”, our social sustainability project are served, to bring coffee directly to the table.
LOUNGE BAR: Social coffee: from business breakfasts to business meetings and various events.

  • Product and service excellence
  • Tailored offer
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Circular economy

Where do you find us



Taste Meet & Eat

From the careful selection of the best coffee origins and the packaging materials, each decision we make has the following conscious objectives: reduction, reuse, collection, recycling and recovery of waste. Good projects and products that give value to the raw material, producing value for the communities involved in the coffee supply chain, for its transformation, and to rethink the end-of-life of packaging, which becomes less and less impactful and designed to develop in a real resources.

Do you know what is the difference between a Vergnano coffee capsule and a banana? None. Mom and dad can throw their coffee capsule after drinking their coffee is the same bin as the banana peel you had for breakfast.
And their break will be more environmentally friendly!

By following the path we have chosen, we will focus on the safety of products and processes through a careful control of the entire supply chain. We will focus on the research of materials, on new sources of energy, we will reinvest in resources rather than in their exploitation and we will focus on training, confident that the difference comes from people in the first place.
We will strive for our actions to create value for the territory and for the communities of producers too.