Casa Vicina

Respectful cuisine, by tradition

Our Green points

  1. Family & tradition. Our cuisine has always been a family business: over 100 years and five generations of the Vicina’s family.
  2. Quality & passion. We are strongly committed to finding high quality raw materials. In fact, our ingredient selection meets high quality criteria and excellence. We promote local producers who are remarkably valuing our environment throughout all stages of the production process. We feel like working and we are always trying our best to innovate and create.
  3. Innovation & sperimentation. We have always promoted traditional Piedmontese cuisine. We love food experimenting and re-inventing regional dishes in order to meet today preferences. Still, our creativity does preserve our taste memory.
  4. Uniqueness & territory stories. In 2018, we created the project “Terra Vicina: racconti di gusto con i produttori” supporting some agricultural and production businesses. They produce typical Piedmontese products and distinguish themselves amongst others thanks to their family tradition, history and working method.
  5. Balance. In our kitchen, each ingredient is the protagonist. We emphasise its peculiarities by creating a special harmony. For this, our costumers are able to recognise all ingredients they are tasting. Casa Vicina is truly unforgettable: our flavours will find a way into your heart and memory.
  6. Seasonality. We choose seasonal fruits and vegetables daily. This enables us to enhance the taste of the raw materials we work with together with respecting their maturation cycle.
  7. Transparence & respect. We strongly believe in transparency and mutual respect. We do respect our clients, collaborators, partners and suppliers. Most importantly, we wisely use raw materials to substantially reduce waste. Casa Vicina is transparent since all ingredients and products used are from a controlled and certified supply chain. We are convinced that a positive lifestyle is based on both respect and transparency towards others. And by doing so, we will be able to generate sustainable awareness over time.

What we offer in Green Pea

La tradizione della cucina piemontese rivisitata in chiave contemporanea rappresenta l’unicità della proposta del ristorante Casa Vicina. I sapori antichi e familiari dei piatti di una volta vengono reinterpretati dando nuova vita alle ricette piemontesi. La famiglia Vicina, dal 1902 esalta l’eccellenza del territorio attraverso ricerca, passione e creatività. Primi tra tutti l’interpretazione della Bagna Caoda proposta come “Bagna Caoda da Bere”.

  • Tradition
  • Family
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Creativity

Where do you find us



Taste Meet & Eat

  • Dal martedì al sabato Pranzo 12:30 – 14:30 / Cena 19:30 – 22:00 / Chiuso la domenica e il lunedì
  • +39 340 4212590

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