Our Green points

  1. “We were four friends at the bar, who wanted to change the world, meant for more…” and that something extra for us was a sustainable world. For ten years we have been actively engaged in the realization of our dream.
  2. We produce in Italy and create our collections in Turin, because in addition to being green, we are also white and red, meaning proudly Italian!
  3. We recover our raw materials, which for others have reached the end of their life, before they get to the landfill. Cingomma always commits and puts its face out, but first and foremost its “hands” because we like playing with materials, sewing, painting, cutting, experimenting, for us being Artisans means being a bit of an Artist too.
  4. We reuse bicycle tyres and inner tubes, billboards, neoprene, sails and many other materials. Imagination is the only thing that’s new!
  5. The first and most important energy resource we use is our work. To make our sewing machines work we use energy mainly generated from renewable sources, and in case of blackouts, we start pedaling.
  6. We support and promote the satisfaction of all the people who work on this project, we encourage constant professional training and promote a more natural and less stressed existence. At Cingomma we often say: “idleness is the secret of perfection“.
  7. We are constantly looking for materials that can be reused, concentrating on experimenting with new production techniques, because as it happens in nature, it is fundamental to continue evolving and growing in harmony with the environment. What we like is already here!

What we offer in Green Pea

With great passion we create fashion accessories and furnishing accessories bringing back to life bicycle tyres an dinner tubes, billboards, sails, neoprene and fire hoses.

We are constantly engaged in the research of new discarded materials to experiment. We number everything we produce to confirm the uniqueness of our creation sand to testify how much waste has been reused. Handmade green creations, unique, numbered and 100% made in Italy.


Where do you find us



Fashion Fashion, Cosmetics & Books

Some are born round and some are born square.
Luckily, we at Cingomma were born round.
Round like a bicycle wheel, round like the Earth,
round like the circular economy,
round like the Knights of the Round Table,
round like a child’s eyes,
round like GreenPea.
We were born this way and certain values
such as respect for the environment and people
we just can’t get them out of our minds!
After all, with a square-wheeled bicycle
we could have never moved on.

Dear children,
we could tell you that taking care of the planet.
That’s Superhero stuff!
But the truth is, loving the world we live in
is the RIGHT thing.
Kind of like when mom and dad try to teach us
what’s right and wrong.
Usually RIGHT things
seem like the toughest ones to do
but in the end, it’s what makes us feel better.
And make us happy.
And then… let’s face it…
being Green is really Super Superhero stuff!

“Prohibition of the use of polluting spaceships.”
“Don’t be a Martian… love planet Earth.”
“Does Green presence really exist?”
We don’t know what the future holds but one thing we do know for sure:
creating, re-creating, inventing, recycling, thinking…
these are the words and thoughts
that accompany us every day on this journey
called Cingomma.
Follow us, wear us, travel with us.
The show’s just started…