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Our Green points

  1. CLUB OF COMFORT®, founded in 1954 by Johann Hinrichs, is a company specialising in men’s trousers based in Großefehn in Germany, 125 km west of Bremen. For decades, we have been experts in the processing of elastic materials to ensure the maximum comfort of our products.
  2. Our product is made in Europe, mainly in our factory in Slovakia. We attach great importance to the good quality and durability of our products. The design strategy follows the principle of developing trousers with recognisable value, maximum suitability for everyday use and high fashion durability.
  3. For all our trousers, we mainly use materials and raw materials of European origin, almost all of which are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and thus low in harmful substances. Furthermore, our production facilities are certified according to Oeko-Tex®-STeP for sustainable and socially responsible production. This allows us to produce more and more products that meet the MADE IN GREEN by Oeko-Tex® standard. These trousers are labelled with a unique product ID and a QR code, which the consumer can use to transparently check in which countries and production plants it was produced.
  4. Almost all trousers meet the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for environmentally friendly fabrics, thus ensuring the best skin compatibility.
  5. Already in 2005, a photovoltaic system (43.5 KW) was installed in the company building in Großefehn. A modern hybrid heating system with heat/air pump was installed in 2021.
  6. The topic of sustainability is part of our corporate and product philosophy and, due to its importance, will continue to be the focus of our business activities in the future. In doing so, it is important to involve all employees and also the company’s partners.
  7. The guiding principle of sustainability requires ecologically compatible, socially just and economically efficient social development. CLUB OF COMFORT® is taking up this challenge and is striving to gradually align the entire company to sustainability.

What we offer in Green Pea

CLUB OF COMFORT® trousers guarantee exceptional comfort because they are always made of stretch material, are always machine washable and always have a comfortable inner elastic waistband with shirt grip.
The use of high-performance fabrics such as Thermolite®, Coldblack®, Coolmax®, Ecorepel®, True colour or T-400® gives the wearer exclusive advantages and an unrivalled sense of well-being. . In addition, the timeless style and lasting quality of European production characterise the products, most of which are certified ‘Made in Green by Oeko-Tex®’.

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability

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