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Our Green points

  1. All cotton garments are made from 100% organic cotton.
  2. Our Wool products are made from 100% Recycled Merino wool.
  3. The wool we use is Recycled Merino Wool certified by Global Reycled Standard (GRS).
  4. The dyes we use are Oeko-Tex® certified, meaning they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.
  5. All garments have been pre-washed so that they do not shrink when you wash them.
  6. All garments are made in Portugal due to carbon footprint reasons and also because of Portugal’s impeccable reputation in workmanship.

What we offer in Green Pea

Colorful Standard nasce nel 2018 a Copenhagen, in Danimarca. Colorful Standard si occupa di capi essenziali di alta qualità prodotti in modo responsabile in Portogallo.
La collezione non si basa su stagioni o tendenze e il marchio si concentra sui classici senza tempo.

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