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Custom-made lighting

Our Green points

  1. Legacy
    From a Chieri-based passementerie shop with a history spanning 4 generations and luminating 26 countries worldwide, in order to transform lamps into objects custom made by our Customers.
  2. Made locally
    Over 50% of our production takes place in the province of Turin. Whenever possible we prefer to tap into our territory. When this is not possible, from the Italian or European production.
  3. Upcycling
    We sell customisable ready – to – use lamps but more than 60% of our turnover is made up of components: our customers often use them to give a new lease of life to old lamps that no longer work or to transform objects from the past into light sources.
  4. Perdurability
    All our products are modular: to lend a new look, a new function or to replace something faulty, it is not necessary to change the whole appliance but only to replace the part.
  5. We sell the product, not the box
    We have cut down the packaging of our products to the bare minimum, and, where possible, we always choose recycled and recyclable materials. Less impact on transport and less impact on waste.
  6. Lean production
    Our lamps are produced only at the time of the Customer’s order. Less stock, less space taken up, less consumption, less transport, less waste, less obsolescence.
  7. Microproduction
    A good percentage of our customers are Crafters and Makers: thanks to the quality and certifications of our products and the speedy delivery times we make local artisanal productions possible all over the world.

What we offer in Green Pea

They call us as lighting tailors, because with us a lamp is never a predefined object but the result of our customers’ creativity. Starting from a catalogue of components, with the help of our “tailors”, you can not only make a custom-made lamp but also give a new lease of life to an old lamp or create a new one by shedding light on your ideas. Tell us your idea of light and we will bring it to life together.


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