Custom regeneration


Our Green points

  1. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT We are committed to sustainable development, following the 17 goals set by the United Nations for a “better and more sustainable future”. Our projects are socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable.
  2. WASTE REDUCTION Our products are made with recycled materials and we have collected 41,244 kg of products destined to end up in landfill. Together with our craftsmen, we give these products new life.
  3. SOCIAL INCLUSION Our inclusive upcycling laboratories involve people in fragile conditions, giving them an opportunity for employment and participatory inclusion.
  4. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Our goal is to reduce waste production and pollution throughout the entire production cycle. With the products that we have recovered from landfills, we have reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 257,166 kg.
  5. UNIQUENESS & UPYCLING All our products are truly unique because they are made with recycled materials with which our craftsmen, through an Upcycling process, create new objects with innovative features.
  6. RESPONSIBILITY AND SHARED VALUE For us, being a Social Company means having an important social role and, for this reason, we interact with other partners: companies, designers, associations, schools and NGOs to create shared value together and have a positive impact on the community.
  7. A DOOR TO THE WORLD We regenerate mobility products which, in collaboration with NGOs, we bring to countries in difficult situations to help people with disabilities achieve greater independence.

What we offer in Green Pea

Custom Regeneration is a Social Company that distributes and manufactures furniture, products for mobility, sport and fashion accessories, through an Upcycling process, with recycled materials that are reused in a creative, sustainable and inclusive way involving companies, designers, artisans, students, associations and by promoting the job placement of people in situations of fragility.
All our projects are socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable and follow the 17 objectives defined by the UN “to obtain a better and more sustainable future”.


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