Our Green points

  1. Dedicated is a sustainable lifestyle brand from Sweden. Having seen the devastating effects of the conventional clothing industry it is clear we need a positive alternative.
  2. We exist to be your better choice. We create high-quality clothes with a focus on our planet and the people walking its ground. Sustainable, fair and ethical since 2006.
  3. We exist to be their better choice. Workers in low-income communities in Asia are at risk when it comes to finding a safe place to work. We collaborate with ethical factories that share our values. And together we can change the industry by the roots.
  4. We only use certified sustainable materials. 100% of our cotton is organic. 100% of our wood-based fabric is TencelTM Lyocell. 100% of our polyester is recycled. And they’re all certified by reliable standards. Free from toxic pesticides or chemicals.
  5. We are transparent and traceable. We know who our suppliers are and how they work. We visit them regularly to maintain a strong relationship. Being able to trace our products’ origin is our number one goal.
  6. We created Dedicated to fill a gap. When we started, we realized that there were no sustainable brands with flavor. So aside from our creative in-house team, we are constantly looking to collaborate with illustrators, photographers, and designers from all over the world. By doing this we’re able to give you expressive and unique collections.
  7. We’re a small team, but the engagement is huge. Over the years we’ve supported organizations through different campaigns. We’ve donated money, been on climate strike, and cleaned the streets of trash. With great fashion, comes great responsibility.

What we offer in Green Pea

Dedicated offers a wide range of clothes for men, women and kids. For everyday life, or the outdoor adventures.
Knitted jersey and woven fabrics in organic cotton, puffer jackets and swimwear made from recycled polyester, and durable and breathable shirts in TencelTM Lyocell. Keeping it clean, natural and planet-friendly. Always in style. We are Dedicated to creativity, and sustainability.

  • Sustainable materials
  • Creativity
  • Fair and ethic
  • Expressive
  • Commitment

Where do you find us



Fashion Fashion, Cosmetics & Books

100% of our cotton is organic and mainly Fairtrade certified. This means 91% less water used, 62% less energy used, and 46% less Co2 emitted compared to conventional farming. As for Fairtrade, it means stable income for cotton farmers. 100% of our polyester is from recycled PET. This means we don’t need to extract oil to make our garments. We reuse trash instead. 100% of our viscose is Tencel Lyocell. This means forest preservation and no harmful chemicals involved. 100% is how Green we are.

To make clothes we need people and materials. When buying clothes in a shop, we don’t see where they come from and how they’ve been made. At Dedicated, we ensure that the clothes are made with materials that respect the planet. Because we have only one and we need to protect it. We also ensure that people making our clothes are working in good condition. We know them and visit them even if they are at the other side of our planet. Green is about protecting Earth but also its people.

We want to drive change in the fashion industry. Brands needs to be more engaged and take responsibility for their way of making clothes. We aim to use more innovative and circular fabrics in the future. Measuring our impact and reducing it is our main goal. Environmentally and socially. Dedicated is a platform for positive impact, and fighting the climate crisis and social injustice is our main goal. Cause what’s the use of clothes if we don’t have a planet to wear it on.