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Our Green points

Since from beginning, Domec tried to wink to the environment, offering digital solutions in order to avoid excessive cons umption of paper and plastic material. There is a significant rule in our offices: used paper must be strictly recycled. All our work areas are characterized by low-consumption and high-performance lighting, with low impact on the environment. Starting from 2021, thanks to recent agreements with electricity supplier companies, the share of energy from renewable and eco-sustainable sources will besignificantly raised by trying to achieve self-sustaining policies. We pursue our business trying to preserve the future of the planet as much as possible, and we collaborate with many realities that develop eco-sustainable businesses. Green Pea is our ideal partner to support these objectives.

  1. We’re a new Italian PMI active in the industry of innovative payment systems and digital loyalty.
  2. All our production sites are in Italy. We consider ourselves 100% made in Italy, and even when go abroad, we do it only to sell our 100% Italian product.
  3. Our offices have a sustainable environment where the use of paper is minimized.
  4. All our areas have low energy consumption lighting.
  5. Starting from 2021, the energy that will be provided to us will come from renewable sources.
  6. Our company cares about the future of planet, and works with many eco-sustainable realities indeed.
  7. All people are resource and must be valued, as expressly provided in our ethical code.

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