Our Green points

  1. Drumohr was born in 1770, when Mr James Patterson began the production of knitwear, above all with Cashmere, at Dumfries in South Scotland. Since then water rich in calcium was used for the production and the finishing of the garments. In a short time the very high and approved quality of Drumohr items won a sophisticated and exclusive group of evaluators like the Royal Family, the Norvegian Royal Family, actors as James Stewart, Audrey Hepburn and, in Italy, a well-known style icon: Gianni Agnelli that used to make him create the famous “Biscottino” or “Razorblade” pullover with exclusive combinations to give to friends and acquaintances.
  2. The yarns used for the production of the garments have always been carefully selected and the attention to excellent raw materials has always been a “point of pride” of the brand. Today the attention to the raw material is aimed at a greater challenge: the introduction of yarns that maintain the characteristics of the brand’s heritage by combining the important contemporary need to preserve the environment, grant the sustainability and work ethics. Drumohr deeply believes in these research that has become an essential element in the choice of yarns and fabrics used.
  3. Since 2001 the Drumohr brand was acquired by the Ciocca Group, a historic textile company founded in 1912 with headquarters in Quinzano d’Oglio in the countryside of Brescia. Thanks to this union, the creativity andknow-howtypical of Italian workers has been added to the Scottish tradition.
  4. The Ciocca group has always had a strong bond with the territory where the sense of community and solidarity constantly interacts with the workers, collaborators and companies involved in the production process.
  5. In recent years, our group has set targets to achieve in order to reduce its impact on the environment and society. These objectives have become concrete in the implementation of a solar panel system for the production of electricity for self-consumption.The power of the 499 kW installed allows us to eliminate the consumption of energy produced from non-renewable sources. We are also working to make water consumption efficient for the production cycle and for services by minimizing the use of water with new and efficient washing systems, with the recovery and filtering of water.
  6. The slow rhythms linked to country life is the most suitable image to describe Quinzano and the surrounding area. As 50 years ago, lots of workers use their bikes to cover the short stretch of road that separates them from work. The large engine rooms are constantly updated according to the most modern production standards and the historic company canteens that housed hundreds of employees have been transformed overtime into relaxation areas and a fully equipped gym.
  7. Il continuo aggiornamento del parco macchine, l’attenzione costante agli ambienti di lavoro, il forte e continuo legame al territorio e al tessuto sociale sono l’impegno che da sempre caratterizza la visione imprenditoriale della famiglia Ciocca fin dalla fondazione. E ancora oggi guidano le scelte impreditoriali delle nuove generazioni alla guida del gruppo.

What we offer in Green Pea

The capsule Sustainable Luxury DRUMOHR, weave carefully selected yarns and fabric; the attention to excellent raw materials is an essential element and a “point of pride” of the brand. Particularly for this capsule,there search and choice of yarns is focused on the contemporary need to preserve the environment, ensure sustainability and work ethic by combining it with the brand’s heritage.

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