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Technologies and innovative solutions

Our Green points

  1. We were created to transform energy and create a zero-emission world. Using technological innovation, we are creating an ecosystem of solutions to make mobility, the home, businesses and urban centers more green.
  2. We bring the best of Italian creativity to all the countries where we operate, serving individuals, companies and city governments
  3. We work according to the circular economy model, to reduce waste and encourage the reuse of materials, both in our daily work and with the customers that rely on us.
  4. Every one of our projects, products and services is designed to make the lives of individuals, companies and cities more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  5. We create products and services to allow for the widespread and continuous use of clean energy: from factories to transportation, from homes to the streets and squares of the world’s cities.
  6. People are at the heart of our company and our way of working. The change we are bringing to the world comes from the creativity and commitment of each of us.
  7. Innovation is a continuous, daily process to create shared value and make a style of life stabile, lasting and widespread, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

What we offer in Green Pea

How can we make our daily lives more green? With e-mobility solutions like JuicePole, to charge an electric car anywhere, and Vehicle to grid, a system that makes every vehicle an active part of the electrical grid. Plus, with smart urban furniture solutions like JuiceMedia and JuicePark, which integrate electric charging with the added value of media and digital services, smart technology and renewable sources. Not to mention SmartFlower, a futuristic system to produce solar energy for domestic use, and energy flooring, which turns the kinetic energy of footsteps into electricity and LIGHT.

  • clean energy
  • private electric mobility
  • electric public transportation
  • innovation
  • sustainability
  • shared value
  • circularity

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Life Move, energy & connect

Any tiny daily gesture can change the present. To spread the use of clean energy, relying on technological innovation to support sustainability and a new development model, doing “green” projects isn’t enough – you must be “green”. In every detail.

Did you know there are cars that run with the energy of a flower? It seems like a fairy tale, but it’s all true. We’ve built a big, special flower that captures the energy of the sun. We use that clean energy to start cars and make them run without creating pollution. Nice, right?

An ecosystem of smart solutions that helps us to live more sustainably every day, protecting the environment, creating value and benefits for everyone, using the resources we have responsibly.