environmental cooperative

Our Green points

ERICA is a cooperative that was founded in Alba, Italy, in 1996 following the flood that hit southern Piedmont in 1994. From the outset, the objective of its members has been the dialogue between communication and technical design in the environmental sector, to better manage the territories and organizations, bringing to the center the prevention of risk and impact on the activities of individuals and companies. ERICA has grown by integrating its four main sectors, which coincide with the letters of the acronym of its name: the Educational sector that works in the field of environmental education with adults and children, the Research sector that designs sustainable solutions and services for companies and public and private bodies, the Information sector which builds international relations and projects and the Communication sector which creates and implements environmental communication campaigns.

  1. Dialogue between communication and technical design.
  2. The common denominator of ERICA is E for environment
  3. We work for the prevention of both risk and impact on the environment.
  4. Integrated proposals between education, planning and environmental communication.
  5. Environmental solutions tailored to the partner company.
  6. Concrete environmental, social and economic results on environmental performance.
  7. ERICA’s values, passion, responsibility, ethics and the team.

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