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Our Green points

  1. Etici is an Italian company that operates in the fashion sector by developing women’s clothing lines. Made in Italy and strong values linked to environmental protection characterize ETICI located in the Carpi district, in the heart of Modena.
  2. The production allows zero kilometres and for good timing, targeted control and a reduction in pollution linked to less transport of goods. This brings complete attention to the end customer who, wearing an Etici garment, will find the fusion of comfort and respect for the planet.
  3. Etici chooses the environment by developing a strong attitude in the selection of natural fibres that transform the garment and make it unique, giving life to some peculiar characteristics such as softness, versatility and resistance. This helps to ensure a long-lasting and pleasant to use product. It is an ethical and conscious challenge that leads to a real responsibility towards nature and the planet.
  4. Each collection is the result of a project that revolves around different graphics that are renewed in colour and image. Each is derived from low-impact printing techniques designed to reduce water use.
  5. A careful selection of accessories and everything that completes the final product is made; the buttons come from natural raw materials of vegetable origin such as coconut but not only, also from entirely recycled materials which have been given a new life. In addition, other accessories made entirely of natural fabric such as belts, sashes or scarves are also developed that complement and add color to the proposed looks.
  6. Packaging is used to protect a product, to identify it and provide valuable information on its characteristics. The union between ethics and aesthetics coexists and translates into tags, lable and clothes covering fibres recycled materials of natural fibres of plant origin.
  7. Etici’s commitment to the environment will always look to the future by continuously setting new goals and horizons dictated by searching for new fibres or fabrics to improve fabrics aimed at improving the environmental ct. We believe in the many and small actions that can change the world!

What we offer in Green Pea

Etici was born within the Carpi district, in the heart of Modena where the Italian manufacturing tradition enters strongly into the collections. We address practical, functional women who at the same time love to enhance femininity and indulge in moments of leisure following the trends of the fashion world!
Color and creativity are the basic criteria for the choice of graphics created using printing techniques with low environmental impact. The use of processes aimed at reducing the use of water is one of the pillars of our mission focused on a constant commitment to sustainably improving the production chain.The continuous research and selection of natural fibres are real values that flank the stylistic development of the collections and that blend with the passion and enthusiasm of our entire team!

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