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  1. The air fabric. Born in 1981, Falmec was able to transform itself from a little artisan factory to a leader of the International market, maintaining its fundamental values like excellent quality, design and innovation to offer air solutions able to improve the quality of life at home.
  2. The true made in Italy. Falmec can offer a completely integrated production, starting from the beginning design to the finished product, realized thanks to a multi-stage process entirely made in Vittorio Veneto (TV), in the heart of the “inox valley”: a territory that offers unique construction skills and both an industrial and artisanal fabric of excellence in the world. Made in Italy is not just a label, but a real company strength and a value of a region that we want to communicate at the best in all our products.
  3. The product’s culture. We built our reputation thanks to the product. Our daily efforts have the purpose of continuous improvement, achieved through a scrupulous research of perfection both in technical development, in the management of the production process and in the selection of supply chains of excellence, especially national.
  4. Selected materials to last over time. Falmec selects and uses AISI 304 stainless steel for its hoods, composed of an alloy with 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Hygienic, easy to clean, highly resistant to corrosion, it is the best material for making kitchen air solutions. The products are created to last over time, which combine qualitative excellence with the logic of environmental sustainability and waste reduction.
  5. From love for our region, the respect for the environment. Falmec wanted to equip its headquarters with a photovoltaic system that supplies the production energy needs. The respect for the environment extends to the development of solutions that minimize energy waste, with the aim not only of improving the quality of the air in the home, but also of protecting the environment in which we live today and we will live tomorrow.
  6. A family affair. The company as an extended family, made up of people who work side by side, with the same passion and the desire to offer new solutions that can improve the quality of time spent in the kitchen and beyond.
  7. The innovation for the human being. We put the human being and its senses at the center, trying to satisfy its most authentic needs: the sense of smell for the effectiveness of aspiration and the search for solutions in air treatment, sight and touch thanks to the refinement in the design and the quality of the materials, the hearing for the extreme silence and eventually the taste, essential in the kitchen.

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Green Pea has just been born and has the aim of getting ahead: we start from Turin and we have the planet in mind. To do this, we are looking for people who share our ideas of sustainability and who want to make it practical and cozy. Together with our Partners, we work every day to meet our customers’ need, without ever losing sight of the future of all of us. In Green Pea you will find a dynamic, organized and constantly growing environment, open to experimentation.
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