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Our Green points

  1. LEGACY. Since 1934 when Luigi Fedeli founded his eponymous brand in Monza, Fedeli remained in constant pursuit of artisanal excellence. Quality remains the key to Fedeli’s success – from our roots in fine tailoring, to our international role in luxury fashion.
  2. MADE IN ITALY. Our textile production & design is characterized by our impeccable handmade 100% made in Italy.
  3. PRODUCTION CHAIN. We only use 100% organic, contamination-free Giza cotton to craft our signature Piquet and jersey fabrics.
  4. PRODUCTION PROCESS. Since 2021, we have been selecting 100% recycled polyester as the only component of our world-class swim trunks.
  5. GREEN ENERGY. A Solar Energy System of Fedeli Cashmere’s manufacturing facility, carrying forward a promise to bring a cleaner, greener and brighter tomorrow.
  6. PARTNERS. It does not matter whether it comes to Winter or Summer Collections, our approach remains slow and respectful with the planet and our partners.
  7. FUTURE.This is Fedeli Cashmere’s promise to nature. It is a practical use that underlines how beauty and sustainability go together. In every thread that is woven, in every step that is taken, the promise is to respect the gifts of nature and to preserve everyone’s future.

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