Our Green points

  1. FIAM Italia was born in 1973 from Mr. Vittorio Livi’s passion for glass. Nowadays we collaborate with internationally renowned designers to design, develop and manufacture curved glass furnishing components thanks to our internal processes that combine technology and craftsmanship and where tradition, innovation and manual skill melt. The numerous awards we have won over the years, such as the Leonardo Qualità Italia Price and the Compasso d’Oro Career Award, testify better than anything else the absolute excellence we owe our global reputation to.
  2. We are proud to be one of the few companies operating in the high-end design sector to boast fully internal production processes. We are able to develop and implement original and unedited glass finishes thanks to our manufacturing techniques and our master glassmakers’ know-how: we are craftsmen under numerical control indeed!
  3. We are a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company; we reach high qualitative standards. Each single curved glass manufacture has an indelible decal that allows to reconstruct its entire production.
  4. By definition, the glass is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials, being potentially endlessly recyclable and not generating any kind of waste. Being non toxic and aseptic, it doesn’t contaminate at all. The glass is the immaterial material par excellence.
  5. Our impact on the environment during the glass manufacturing processes is minimum: our curving and fusion systems are fully electrically powered and the energy used comes from renewable energies.
  6. We wish our products convey all the passion they arise from; we have created a favorable working atmosphere all our partners can take advantage of, thus enhancing the quality of their. When at the company, we feel as if we were at home, because Fiam isa great family and people are in the center of our world!
  7. We always invest in R&D in order to develop new technologies we can transform glass plates through, aiming to give this material a new life with a view to achieving unedited goals and creating exclusive products. Over our fifty year history we have promoted the culture of glass and, despite its millenary background, we are convinced that it is the most important material for our modern era and our future indeed.

What we offer in Green Pea

FIAM Italia has been manufacturing high–end furnishing components characterized by the curved and fused glass they are made of for around fifty years. We are world leader in the production of mirrors and our catalogue comprehends a wide range of products such as dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, consoles, showcases and sideboards. You can find us all over the world thanks to our widespread network of resellers.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

We have always believed that glass is the most environmentally-friendly material by far: being nontoxic, aseptic and fully recyclable it is perfect to use for the manufacture of any product we are daily surrounded by.Our quality of life is strongly linked to our choices: nowadays getting surrounded by beautiful objects is no more sufficient, while choosing the right things becomes ever more important. We aim to meet both the above needs with our products then.

Finding a glass sliver on the beach is a great emotion! It seems so soft and silky, since it has been smoothed by the window and by the waves of the sea, despite being actually so resistant. It is like a precious jewel that gradually gives back to the nature part of the substances it is made of, thus becoming ever more magical and charming.

There is a great sensitivity toward the use of low-impact processes and materials in all manufacturing sectors, and in this scenario the glass is acquiring ever more importance in people’s life: the Energy used for its transformation derives from renewable sources; glass waste elements can be reintroduced in the supply chain to produce new semifinished products, as it happens in our patented DVGlass®case, which is 100% recyclable and would not be possible to produce without wreckage. We are “circular” like glass: from sand to glass, from glass to sand!