Our Green points

  1. We are an entirely Italian entrepreneurial entity which for the past 3 generations has been protecting, restoring and taking care of surfaces through professional solutions with high biodegradability and low environmental impact.
  2. More than 90% of our products are water based, realized with new raw materials derived from organic and vegetal components, completely nontoxic and VOC free–without volatile organic compounds harmful to people and the environment–and packaged exclusively with ecological and biodegradable materials.
  3. FILA Green Action is not a slogan; it’s a clearly defined company strategy that involves all departments, from the production solely carried out with renewable energy produced by photovoltaic panels, to the controlled recycling of production scraps.
  4. The advanced technology of our production systems results in a drastic reduction of non recyclable waste material and solvent based packaging, in addition to a decrease in packaging weight per unit of product and secondary packaging, such as cardboard
  5. Our research laboratories and production centres are exclusively located in Italy, respecting the strictest safety and workplace standards.
  6. We have been members of the Green Building Council Italia since 2009, a non-profit organization which supports the development of eco-sustainable buildings.
  7. We are hold environmental and quality certifications. We have been certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations since 1999, and in 2014 we received the ISO 14001 environmental certification, a testimony of our concrete commitment to respecting the environment.

What we offer in Green Pea

FILA  was born on March 27,1943 from an intuition in the mind of Guido and Pietro, the Pettenon brothers who founded the“Fabbrica Italiana di Lucidi e Affini”for the production and commercialization of shoe polish, waxes and household cleaners. In 1970, led FILA’s current President, Beniamino Pettenon, the company took a significant turn, specializing in professional solutions for the care and treatment of surfaces. This clever intuition paved the way for FILA to become a leading brand in the cleaning, protection and maintenance of ceramic and stone surfaces, recommended by over 200 leading national and international manufacturers of wall and floor coverings–a guarantee of the products’ reliability, quality and effectiveness. FILA’s success, today guided by Francesco and Alessandra Pettenon, both CEOs of the company, is also demonstrated by the prestigious interventions carried out with FILA treatment systems, perfect both in historical-artistic dwelling sand contemporary buildings such as the Armani Hotel in Dubai, Palazzo della Ragione in Padua, the Square Nine Hotel in Belgrade, the Valencia Airport, the New Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi among many other references. A careful balance between the family’s traditional values and an avant-garde company organization have made FILA a modern global presence with six foreign branches (France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and the United Arab Emirates) and a sales network which provides products and services to more than 100 countries worldwide.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

We are green because we hold our customers dear, including the customers of tomorrow; we listen to them and know how to speak to them. We study materials closely, in search of the best solutions that keep surfaces clean and beautiful, especially those that you see and touch everyday at home, in offices, at school…

We do all of this with the same passion that parents tell their children stories.

Everything has a place, an order. The order of things deserves our respect. Every day we choose the best water-base draw materials that do not damage the environment and do not emit harmful fumes. All this while still respecting the delicate nature of surfaces. We produce with solar energy, to have minimal impact on our planet, which should be protected each day.

Let’s protect the earth, the most delicate of all surfaces.