Our Green points

  1. We are an Italian company with almost 60 years of history. Driven by an innate passion for beauty, we produce porcelain surfaces for architecture and interior design.
  2. Our product is 100% Made in Italy and it stems from an accurate and respectful procedure which guarantees both the quality of the materials and the safety for those who process them. It is a way of doing business that we call “Made in Florim”.
  3. We believe that innovation and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. They represent two important and inseparable features that come together with our passion for design and for giving life to a unique and certified product. Our process is guaranteed by strict standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and 45001.
  4. Our product is made for more than 90% with natural raw materials of the highest quality. We recover the 100% of greenware waste and the 100% of wastewater.
  5. We are able to produce up to 100% of the electricity needed for powering the Italian factories thanks to two cogeneration plants and 45,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels.
  6. We pay particular attention to the people who work for the company and their families. We’ve started several welfare projects: from the activities sponsored by the Giovanni Lucchese Foundation to those promoted by the salute&formazione center and the Florim Master course.
  7. We believe that today’s companies must merge economic purposes with community interests and the environment. They should become a conscious reference of transformation for a better and sustainable future. Our commitment for people and the planet has been written in our company statute: Florim is a benefit corporation.

What we offer in Green Pea

We select the finest natural ingredients: sand, clay and feldspars. We mix them carefully before adding water, making sure not to leak a single drop of it. Technology then helps us in compacting this blend of raw materials and minerals, in decorating and firing it at more than 1200 degrees. Ours recipe is a simple one. It is made of passion for beauty, attention to detail, constant innovation and with a careful eye on people, the environment and the planet. That’s how Florim porcelain surfaces are created, in its unlimited interpretations.


Where do you find us



Home living & design

Being green means having respect for the nature of things, which for us means advocating durability and offsetting the effects of production. This is the only long-term solution for being “honest” in terms of energy. Our commitment has always gone far beyond compared to what is required by regulations and it sets goals for continuous improvement in terms of products, processes and supply chain management.

A sea rich in fish. Cleaner air. A planet full of life with countless trees and animals. Respect for nature is important, when we play and when we work. For this reason, we manufacture our products using solar energy, we recycle waste and we save all the water we can. The Earth is our future home: let’s protect it together, always.

Within 10 years, all the outdated business models which are unable to respond to the environmental demands of our planet Earth are doomed to disappear. We believe in a business model that is consistent over time, sustainable, transparent and with a positive impact on the community and the territory, for the benefit of future generations.