Engine Manufacturers

Our Green points

  1. For over 150 years, we have been designingand producing sustainable engines: in 1869, we created the FIRST STEAM ENGINE FOR TRACTORS, the true beginning of our history.
  2. Throughout our history, we haveintroduced technological innovations which transformed the sector in an ever more SUSTAINABLE DIRECTION
  3. Our bio-methane engines are part of a “CIRCULAR ECONOMY” virtuous cycle, when powered by natural gas produced from agricultural and other waste products.
  4. Every day, each and every FPT Industrial employee contributes to respecting the environment, people and local communities through their actions. The Brand supported the city of Turin in planting 1,000 trees to recreate an URBAN FOREST.
  5. We were the first to introduced a NATURAL GAS ENGINE for long haul transportation and for agricultural machines.
  6. We constantly develop new alternative emission-free propulsion solutions, such as HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS and BIO-METHANE ENGINES. We designed the revolutionary engine for the HYBRID ELECTRIC TRACTOR concept.
  7. We launched CURSOR X, a concept of the engine of the future, designed for PLANET EARTH.

What we offer in Green Pea

FPT Industrial takes sustainability to heart and, for this reason designs and proposes an entire range of engines for industrial vehicles, agricultural machines, construction equipment, watercraft and power generators that are environmentally friendly and also driven by alternative propulsions, depending on the activities they must perform.
Our vision of the future is embodied in the Cursor X, a 4.0 engine concept that was born Multi-propulsion, Modular, Multi-application and Mindful, because of its built-in Artificial Intelligence features.


Where do you find us



Life Move, energy & connect

The present is green. Even more so after the birth of the Cursor 13 powered by Natural Gas and our other alternative propulsion engines for industrial applications, which guarantee unmatched ecological performances. Toilet paper, a project of the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, has interpreted at its best the mission of FPT Industrial with a special setting of the Cursor 13 powered by Natural Gas in a jungle of plants, shrubs, leaves and parrots.

Who likes spaghetti with tomato sauce? We do, a lot! And we are proud to contribute to the making of such delicious ingredients. From the field, along the streets, until they reach our tables. FPT Industrial engines, as our F28 that you may see in this wheat field, are beside the work of many individuals that drive tractors to cultivate fields and the trucks to carry food right to our cities and homes.

That’s how we picture a green out-of-town trip in 10 years. With a pick-up powered by a zero-emission engine. Our concept for this engine of the future is called Cursor X and we have designed it for Planet Earth. There are four main traits that describe it through as many “M”: Multi-power,Modular, Multi-application, Mindful. Cursor X truly is the symbol of FPT Industrial, anticipating the mobility and sustainability of the future.