Handmade ties and scarves

Our Green points

  1. In 1891 in the Milan of the Bella Epoque, with the fusion of  “Fumagalli e Pianca” (1850) our adventure begins. We are the oldest ties and scarves italian manufacturers. Some years old, but we do not look our age. In 2021 we will celebrate our first 130 years.
  2. Faithful to the high quality and attached to our land, we are confident that we can only find what we are looking for in our territory. We produce everything in Italy supporting the small artisans of our supply chain.
  3. We only use natural prints with water-based colours, ecological and regenerated fibers: wools, silks and cashmere GOTS certified (GLOBAL ORGANIK TEXTILE STANDARD) swimwear derived from plastic bottles.
  4. Craftsmanship, hand stitching, historical and certified suppliers and working processes, fabric innovation, development of new designs, research in archives. Choices and synergies that for more than a century allow us to guarantee reliability, trust and quality.
  5. We protect our planet with the circular energy. Using regenerated material, we avoid soil exploitation and drastically reduce the use and waste of water. All the furniture in the Fumagalli shop are “RECYCLED”. Thanks to this journey into sustainability, we can truly hope to help change the world.
  6. Style and passion, art and culture are our motto and a philosophy, a project to support all these values. Were main faithful to the principles that have always guided us, such as respect for the environment, the enhancement of human resources, transparency, ethics and integrity.
  7. The constant investment in innovation of materials, methods and productions allows usa sensitivity to the environment that leads us to be more and more ecologically and ethically sustainable. History is an idea of the future, and never just a past.

What we offer in Green Pea

We protect our planet with the circular energy. Using regenerated materials, we avoid soil exploitation and drastically reduce the waste of water.
Our printer does not use water. The prints are natural thanks to water-based colours GOTS. The fibers are ecological and regenerated. Suppliers’ traceability guarantees safe provenance.

  • Ecological raw materials
  • Exclusive designe
  • Respect
  • Historical archive
  • Ethics

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