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Our Green points

  1. Our mission is to enable everyone to grow and access healthy food. Through cutting-edge vertical farming technology, modular gardens, and IoT software, we’re crafting the world’s first Urban Farming Platform to empower growers of all levels to cultivate fresh, nutrient-rich produce in any urban environment.
  2. Driven by nature-inspired technology, our smart gardens feature Made in Italy design, vertical, and modular structures, blending seamlessly with urban settings.
  3. We democratize urban farming, making it accessible to all. Embracing soilless farming and IoT automation, we simplify gardening, ensuring high yields and plant diversity both indoors and outdoors.
  4. Our platform, with AI cultivation assistance and a free educational app, nurtures a love for cultivation and sustainable living. We empower individuals to become proficient urban farmers, equipped with knowledge and skills to cultivate thriving ecosystems within urban spaces.
  5. Committed to environmental responsibility, our products feature materials crafted from 100% recycled plastic and biocomposites. We prioritize sustainability, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency in every production aspect.
  6. Fostering a passionate network, our vibrant community of urban farmers drives positive impact. It serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective action, inspiring sustainable living practices.
  7. Through our social impact project Siembra Vertical in Colombia, we transfer technology and know-how to support local farmers and communities in combating global warming and soil degradation. Together, we empower marginalized communities, enhance food security, and promote environmental stewardship.


What we offer in Green Pea

Grow more healthy food in less space with Poty: the vertical garden that teaches you how to grow with the App in the city.
Made with recycled materials, Poty features an automatic irrigation system and the Hexbee digital guide that teaches you to cultivate up to 40 herbs and seasonal vegetables in less than 1 m2. Easy to use, perfect for a healthy lifestyle in the city.

  • Modular smart vertical gardens
  • Educational software
  • Interactive urban farming community
  • Environmental responsability
  • Social impact

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