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Our Green points

  1. The Hopi brand in 2015, from the mind of a dreamer – Mauro Carzaniga – who wanted to make an original and nature-friendly product. Thus bamboo fabric underwear was born, with the aim of offering an alternative to the widely used ones made of cotton fabric or synthetic fibers. The ethical purpose is to propose people to the use of this fabric, to decrease the use of pesticides and glyphosates massively used in cotton plantations.
  2. Hopi is a Made in Italy product: our production chain is all located between Bergamo, Milan, Varese and Novara.
  3. The production of Hopi fabrics has a very low environmental impact. Bamboo is considered the green gold of the future, a weedy plant that grows in forests, grows fast, requires no pesticides or herbicides, and needs very little water. The resulting fabric is quality, toxic-free, and suitable for children and sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and does not retain bad smells.
  4. Our production is based on the collaborative activity of small artisan and family businesses, among the few still surviving after the crises of the textile industry in Italy.
  5. Our small warehouse is heated with geothermal energy combined with heat pumps; we use mostly paper and cardboard for our packaging, and the rare plastic bags are the same ones that have been recycled for years.
  6. Respect: for the environment, for our partners and collaborators, and for the end-consumer customer is an indispensable rule to work with the right harmony, serenity, and conscience.
  7. Our idea is to always experiment with new types of fabric to find better and better formulas and offer a product that improves its quality over time.

What we offer in Green Pea

With the HOPI brand we want to offer a Made in Italy product, particular and original, unique in its simplicity, made exclusively with bamboo viscose fabrics made by us.
Underwear and knitwear in bamboo viscose, Oeko-Tex certified and free from harmful and toxic substances. The raw material is supplied by the bamboo plant, organic by nature, which allows to obtain a product with a high degree of sustainability and a very low environmental impact, contributing to the reduction of the use of toxic pesticides.

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