Natural merino wool clothing

Our Green points

  1. Our purpose is “Move to natural”.
  2. We will be plastic free by ‘23.
  3. Currently87% of our fibres are natural.
  4. We want to lead a movement towards a more natural way of living.
  5. We provide natural performance alternatives to synthetic based apparel.
  6. We invest in 10-year contracts with our New Zealand based merino farmers.
  7. As part of VF, we offer natural comfort for active and sustainable lifestyle for the betterment of the people and the planet.

What we offer in Green Pea

Founded by Jeremy Moon in 1995 in New Zealand, Icebreaker had a different idea. An idea big enough to challenge an outdoor industry dominated by companies using plastics and synthetics, with a new, different and sustainable way of thinking, doing and making.

Inspired by nature, our idea was to harness the incredible capabilities of natural fibres, to make simple, beautiful, high quality clothing, that would inspire and enable people in their adventures, and in their everyday life. We set out to do this with a determination. We run our company, we make our clothes with care, with responsibility and integrity, in every part of the process, from fibres to garment. It’s a different way of thinking and behaving that still drives our business today and it runs through every product that we make.

Where do you find us



Fashion Fashion, Cosmetics & Books

Driven by the belief that nature has the solutions, we provide natural performance alternatives to synthetic based apparel to create a healthier more sustainable future for our species and the planet.

We use a fibre from nature that is designed to keep our merino sheep comfortable and warm all year round. Happy sheep is happy wool, so we can ensure our merino apparel is naturally better for the people that are wearing it.

We still have much to do and learn on our journey. We will embrace this new decade with open minds, exploring new materials, design, production techniques and partnerships. All to enable new conversations and ways to connect people with responsible natural apparel. Today 87% of our total fibre composition is natural and we’re continuing to focus on material innovation replacing nylon and elastane with new natural fibre alternatives. With this in mind, our main goal is to have all plastic-free materials by 2023. For the wellbeing of our species and the planet, we must be more resourceful, responsible and innovative. These ideas, actions and improvements will shape our future.
It’s natural to ask questions.
It’s human to be progressive.
Move to natural.