Avatar factory

Our Green points

  1. First Italian Avatar Factory. An innovation Lab specialized in the field of human figure digitalization.
  2. Limitless Imagination is our way of looking at work: the creativity that feeds the ideas and the technology that makes them possible.
  3. Digital Humanism is the vision that inspires us. Man, not as the centre but as part of amore complex system, and digital innovation as the opportunity we have today to simplify our real life and make it more sustainable towards the planet.
  4. We value the uniqueness of each individual because in real life we are all different and so it must also be for our virtual alter egos. The quality of an avatar is in its capability to reproduce the real physical person with maximum precision, in every aspect: anthropomorphic measurements, somatic features, characteristics and body proportions. In this way, it is possible to transport each person’s physicality to new worlds and virtual services.
  5. The avatar economy is green from the outset, because it does not consume the ecosystem and can facilitate sustainable behaviours in real life. Having the exact measurements of a real person, the avatar is able to reduce the problem of returns in online clothing shopping, resulting in energy and environmental savings. It is possible, in some cases, to replace a physical presence with a tele-presence, generating time savings and avoiding resource consumption due to travel.
  6. The virtual body can generate new services in the fields of sport, health and wellness. It can support some areas of telemedicine in view of environmental saving. It also has a positive impact in the product and service industries which centre on the human body, integrating the avatar into emerging digital prototyping processes which are useful in cutting down on time, materials, and energy consumption.
  7. IGOODI because we see the avatar as a sustainable evolution for new worlds both today and in the future. A positive bridge (GOOD) between the real I and the virtual I.

What we offer in Green Pea

Gate experience of automatic and futuristic scanning for the creation of your own Avatar.

The Avatar includes:
a set of anthropometric data
body mass index
style tips based on your own morphology
size conversion table for shopping

Mobile application:
Free for Android and IOS. To view, manage and use your Avatar.

Avatar Fun:
Avatar customization set. A catalogue of animations to create photos, videos and content even in augmented reality to share on Social Media.Coming Soon: new animations and mini games based on Avatar.

Avatar applications:
A Special scan to obtain a digital sculpture, made in different sizes thanks to 3D printing.Coming soon: expanding the range of value-added products and services exclusively for Avatar owners.


Where do you find us



Fashion dress & style

In order to live a physical body needs to nourish itself,  clothe itself, reside somewhere, move from place to place etc, etc… but in doing this inevitably consumes the planet’s resources. An Avataris the reverse, a zero impact body evolution which does not need to raw materials and energy. As an Avatar Factory IGOODI’s mission is to transport your body to the digital world and doing that it makes the real world greener.

IGOODI is the Italian Avatar Factory and the Avataris doubly special: firstly, because its exactly the same as you, made of bits and lives in virtual worlds; secondly, it allows you to do useful and funny things, and, above all, they are very Green. With your Avatar you can shop online, choose and buy the right size; play within your favourite video games; create videos, photos and other content to share in Social Media; and much more. Every action you do with your avatar does not harm the planet and its resources.

Thanks to the technological innovations that will emerge progressively, we will no longer be constrained to give up our lifestyle in order to be sustainable; the digital world will design and give birth to new products and services that will help us to significantly reduce the environmental cost of every human activity. Avatars will be central to this perspective, as they will be the green intermediary between our real I and the present and future universe of virtual services.