Our Green points

  1. We are a leading company in the field of architectural lighting, established inRecanati in 1959. We focus on the study, design and production of smart indoor and outdoor lighting systems that boast high levels of technology, design and energy efficiency and can blend into architecture. Innovation, beauty, openness, humanity and integrity are the values on which our success story is founded. It is a story that has succeeded in combining a family spirit with Italian heritage and a natural international vocation.
  2. Our vision of culture of light as an element of social innovation has always set us apart and for over 60 years we have worked together with renowned professionals to create innovative, high performance lighting designs that can enhance architecture and spaces, and create with light, environments that are safer, more comfortable and more attractive.
  3. Our main production site is in Recanati, but we also have sites in Shanghai and Montreal-for the Asia Pacific and North American markets. All of these are perfectly integrated in a global logistic network designed to leverage local expertise and technologies within a centrally-coordinated framework. We are currently implementing Industry 4.0 principles based on both the digital interconnection of the industrial processes of the entire supply chain and on data analysis for continually improving processes and the quality of work and production. We have adopted WorldClass Manufacturing to guarantee quality, reliability and safety and to reduce energy consumption.
  4. We believe in the importance of constructing long-lasting professional relationships.We are actively committed to ensuring our company and business partners have due regard for environmental issues and social commitment. All three production sites prefer a local supply chain.
  5. We invest constantly in innovation to reduce the environmental impact of our solutions that are designed to be both long-lasting but also easy to dismantle, dispose of and recycle. All our luminaires use LED lamps, the most efficient light source that exists and they are operated by control systems that govern the power up cycles and the quantity of light to suit the actual lighting requirements. We develop, engineer and produce lenses, reflectors and refractors that can increase energy efficiency, the quality of lighting distribution and visual comfort by optimizing the quantity and weight of the materials used.
  6. Our company premises have been designed and built in compliance with the strictest low environmental impact criteria and are subjected to a continuous energy efficiency process. At the Headquarters, an integrated photovoltaic system covers 22% of the company’s energy requirements. The Light Laboratory uses a geothermal system to heat and cool its various rooms.
  7. People are the core of our business and the decisive factor behind our growth, both inside and outside the company. Every day we invest in training, safeguarding and protecting our employees and developing the local area.

What we offer in Green Pea

We aim to improve, with light, the relationship between people and the environment in cultural, work, retail and urban locations, infrastructures and hospitality & living sector. We accompany designers through every stage of a project on an international scale. We study and produce smart indoor and outdoor lighting systems that boast high levels of technology and design and are tailormade not only to illuminate spaces but to highlight the qualities of a location while blending into the architecture.
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Social innovation

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