Ecologic Laundry

Our Green points

  1. We are an alive experience that resists from 100 years. Family tradition of the 4th generation, in 2001 we’ve been the first laundry in Italy to use an ecologic solvent for the dry cleaning
  2. Today we are the first eco laundry at 100%. Our work system protects either the health of our employees either the well-being of our clients; this way we are safe for lunges and skin for who ever enter in contact with our items. Our experience and our system of washing permits to deal every fabric and every item.
  3. From 2001 we are using the Green Earth for the dry cleaning, a silicone solvent without petrol and carbon, no toxic, harmful, odorless, made of natural and biodegradable elements.
  4. The experience matured through the years and the awarness of correct use of technology, are continued precautions and updates that enriches our knowledge: we’ll improve our product to protect the environment.
  5. Our washings guarantees and certify a minor quantity of detergent utilized, less washing time, no wastage, with an energy saving less than 60%.
  6. The durability of the items is excellent: clean clothes, brights. colorful, safe fabrics, controlled humidity.
  7. Artisanship traditional ironing and tailoring is guaranteed service.

What we offer in Green Pea

We wash every kind of fabrics, leather and synthetic fibres! We wash also carpets, curtains, sofa fabrics, pillows and peluches.

We use raw eco material for every kind of washing. We’re using a safe and eco packaging. Collection and delivery in 48h and we are 100% green.

  • 100% GREEN

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Protect the place where we are living. Protect the environment. Protect who work with us. Protect who work for us. Our responsability of today for the future generations, using necessary resource ensureing the environment balance on our planet. Washing, drying, ironing; our WATER is reusable.

Dear friend, a laundry is a shop where you can wash clothes of a family. Think how many families exists and how many clothes a laundry has to wash. Think again how much WATER a laundry has to use! The water is a precious good. We are the nature’s laundry, we’re living in the forest, the animals help us and we thank them cleaning their hair with a magical soap. The our soap becomes SAND and the water drain in the streams.

Drones delivery! Fast deliveries in every contest, directly in the recipient’hause. Trough flight planning via GPS, it will identify the macro area where delivery is made, activate a particular optical sensor capable of recognizing the signals emitted by the recipient’s mobile device as a ” confirmation” and conclude the correct delivery.