Iris Ceramica


Our Green points

  1. Ecology = Economy is the equation coined by our Founder, Romano Minozzi, back in the 70s; an equation that is in our company DNA and in our strategies and production approach.
  2. Our zero-impact production system means no volatile organic compound emissions. We are committed to recycling waste, eliminating greenhouse emissions, and reusing water not derived from aqueducts.
  3. Our supply process prioritizes the choices that protect the environment and social impact, rather than save money. We prefer local suppliers, monitoring logistic processes and choosing our collaborators locally.
  4. We use raw materials that do not require quarrying, selecting clay and feldspar abundantly available above the surface. Over 40% of our production waste is regenerated and reintroduced in the production cycle.
  5. We have always strived to minimize the impact of our work on the planet and we collaborate with partners who share our same values. Our production plants and offices are powered by certified renewable hydroelectricity, 100% Italian.
  6. We have always promoted the dissemination of a strong, ethical culture, which puts our human resources’ intellectual, professional, and social advancement at the forefront.
  7. We believe in a future in which sustainability and respect form the basis of harmonious coexistence. Everything we do is focused on creating a world in which the production system and the human habitat merge together to generate a new level of prosperity.

What we offer in Green Pea

We strive for beauty and promote Made in Italy culture through our ongoing commitment to product quality and innovation in manufacturing processes.

We create state-of-the-art ceramic surfaces in a vast range of tile sizes, thicknesses, color variations and finishes to meet any design requirement. We manufacture our materials with complete respect for the delicate balance between mankind and nature, based on stringent appraisal and an environmentally-sustainable approach, while fully respecting the environment and mankind.

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